Creating A Compelling SharePoint User Experience

User Experience Design, done right, leads to a solution that isuseful, usable, desirable,and ultimatelyadoptable. It does this by considering the user at every step, starting from user research and iteratively developing and testing the solution, while soliciting and integrating feedback from key audiences. Thisuser-centered designapproach leads us to find opportunities to create a solution that solves real business problems and satisfies real user needs.

User Experience (UX) Design isn’t the realm of a select group at Withum, it’s the end result of cross-disciplinary collaboration. Designers, developers and architects all work together with the client to ensure that we make design and technology decisions based on real insight.

We thrive on designing and building solutions that reduce costs, increase employee and customer satisfaction, and evolve with future needs.

Here are some of the ways we help create effective user-centered solutions:

  1. Portal and Website Design
  2. Information Design
  3. Mobile Design
  4. Usability and Adoption
  5. Interaction and Visual Design