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Take Me to the Cloud Podcast Series – Holistically Improve Your Business Operations

Are you a business professional who wants to holistically improve your business operations? You’ve come to the right place. Tune into our podcast series, “Take Me to the Cloud” to learn insights from our experts that combine cloud systems, operations, supply chain and finance.
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Available Episodes


Episode 1: Is the Cloud Key to Modernization?

In this episode, we introduce our Take Me to the Cloud podcast series. Listen in as we discuss how the cloud is much more than technology – it is a mindset. It is the key to modernization and innovation. Joe Riccie, Walter Merkas and Kim Gordon from Withum’s Management Consulting Team share how the cloud contributes to a secure, productive, and collaborative remote work environment.

Episode 2: Cloud Transformation for Your Business

What does cloud transformation mean to you? What does it entail? Learn about our Customer Journey approach and how you can get on the path to modernization with Withum’s Management Consulting Team of Joe Riccie, Walter Merkas and Kim Gordon.

Episode 3: How Well Does Your Company Do Spend Management?

In this episode, Christian DiRusso, Kim Gordon and Alex LaMalfa look at a topic that has become very important for organizations during the pandemic – spend management. They define spend management and its function in a business and suggest best practices. They also take a look at some uses cases to showcase benefits of a well-developed spend management system.

Episode 4: Taking FP&A as a Service to a New Level

In an ever-changing business climate, your company can be impacted both positively and negatively which requires real time data at a moment’s notice. Meet FAST! Alex LaMalfa, Outsourced Accounting Systems and Services, and Christian DiRusso, Business and Management Consulting, introduce Kim Gordon and our listeners to a new practice – Financial Planning and Analysis as a Service. Learn what Withum FAST is and how it provides a stress-free solution of a perfectly framed financial picture, saving companies valuable time and money.

Episode 5: Today’s Supply Chain Trends and Challenges

An unfortunate supply chain challenge today is lack of global resilience and sustainability. As supply chain and operations are becoming more costly, supply chains are breaking down in the face of multi-country disruptions. Is digitization of supply chains the answer? In this episode, Walter Merkas and Kim Gordon discuss today’s supply chain trends and challenges and look into the potential causes and solutions to this disruption.

Episode 6: The Auction Process: What Defines an Effective Solution

The auction process consists of several phases and is a unique blend of sales, valuation, e commerce, and warehousing that makes this a distinct model. In this episode, Walter Merkas and Kim Gordon break down the process into pre-auction, auction and post-auction to give our listeners insight into elements you need to consider in all three phases to accomplish a smooth operation – no matter the type of auction house.

Episode 7: Bidding on the Cloud: Your Gateway to a Smooth Auction Process

In our last episode, we defined the auction process and the phases that play into it. To follow up on that, Kim Gordon and Walter Merkas meet again to look at ways to enable a smooth auction process, creating flexibility and efficiently connecting all parties involved. Listen in as they make a business case for cloud solutions which can present cost saving, business agility, mobility, and scalability.

Episode 8: A Look into Supply Chains and Cost to Serve for Improved Profitability

We’re changing things up a bit in this episode to take a look at an area that has surely been shaken up by last year’s events – supply chain. Walter Merkas and Christian DiRusso take a look into supply chains and how cost to serve comes into play to improved profitability. They break down and analyze customers, products and costs.

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