Quality patient care is what truly matters in today’s ever-changing healthcare society. But, sometimes that focus becomes clouded when you’re struggling to deliver that same level of patient care while managing how to do more with less. Healthcare entities are facing tightened budgets, shrinking staffing pools, changing regulatory standards, value-based billing and M&A activity. These challenges require extra effort to keep the doors open so you can care for your community.

Medical practices partner with Withum’s Healthcare Services Team to help turn challenge into opportunity. Your financial and corporate challenges will be managed head-on by our team ensuring your organization is at the forefront of all healthcare accounting, consulting and tax standards.

Consolidation is sweeping the healthcare nation at a rapid rate as systems are looking to grow, reduce cost and improve quality. Simplify this process by letting our team value your business and analyze risk in your future transactions.

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Ensure you have the proper risk management, governance and internal control processes in place. Whether you qualify for a financial, operation, hospital/healthcare service, information systems or construction audit, we are well equipped to implement a work plan to best suit your needs.

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Weaknesses in healthcare revenue cycles can leave dollars on the table for medical facilities administering patient care. Periodic revenue cycle assessments encourage stronger process management and lead to a healthier bottom line.
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Protecting your patients’ information is at the core of every healthcare organization. The increase of innovative technology in the healthcare industry offers vast improvements but also brings along the risk of data to be comprised. Ensure your patients are protected before it is too late.
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Has your healthcare organization performed a review of eligibility for the employee retention credit (ERC)? This credit is a refundable payroll tax credit for qualifying employers and is irrespective of any FEMA funds received or costs incurred. Don’t miss out.
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We provide the resources you need to validate your healthcare processes, guide your reporting procedures and improve the overall care of your patients.

Healthcare Accounting Services

Optimize Your 340B Purchasing and Expand Your 340B Program

340B- Hospitals

Withum’sunique softwareintegrates data from all aspects of the program, linking EMRs, e-prescribing systems, contract pharmacies, TPAs and wholesalers as a “one-stop-shop” for all 340B concerns.

Withum's Healthcare Services Team is an active member of national and local centers of influence.

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