Empower Your Employees with Microsoft Viva

Companies want to ensure employees have a positive experience with their organization and have access to the tools and resources they need to be effective at their jobs. Microsoft Viva helps organizations connect, engage, and empower their employees. It integrates with your existing Microsoft tools and provides a personalized, intuitive experience tailored to each employee’s needs

Microsoft Viva, your digital employee experience platform, helps empower your employees and enhance their experience by:

Microsoft Viva delivers relevant news, updates, and insights directly to employees so they always know what’s going on in the company, connecting employees with your existing knowledge and knowledge experts, improving productivity and sparking collaboration across the organization.

Give people the right content, information, and connections they need to grow at every stage of their career. Viva Topics provides a centralized hub for learning and development resources so employees can access training materials and skill-building resources from across the organization.

Viva Connections offers a personalized gateway to company resources, so employees can easily connect with colleagues, find the tools they need, and stay on top of their work.

Viva Insights provides data-driven insights and personalized recommendations to help employees manage their time, reduce stress, and achieve work-life balance.

Viva Goals enables you to align people and projects to strategic business priorities, set clear goals, and empower people and teams to accomplish more together.

Support relationships, especially in hybrid or remote work environments, using Viva Engage to create a sense of belonging and purpose. Viva Engage connects employees through communities where they can have discussions, praise a colleague, and get answers to their questions.

Withum’s Viva Minute!

withum's viva minute video series

Withum’s Viva Minute, a video series helping organizations leverage Microsoft 365’s integrated employee experience platform.

Employee Experience Technology That Makes a Difference


Reduction in search time


Reduction in employee attrition


Reduction in full onboarding time

Let Us Accelerate Your Microsoft Viva Implementation

Withum works with you to create a workplace culture that values employee well-being, professional development, and collaboration – bringing together traditionally fragmented experiences like communications, knowledge management, and professional development—into a single, coherent employee experience platform built around the employee.

We partner with our customers to develop and enhance their employee experiences with Microsoft Viva through:

Employee Experience Workshops

Facilitating sessions focusing on the current state of communication and collaboration in your organization. Through employee experience workshops, we gather business scenarios that can be addressed by Microsoft 365.

Change Management

Adoption is a crucial component of any change to processes and technology so our experts work with your project team to define the impacted individuals and key stakeholders of the employee experience and how Microsoft Viva will influence their job duties.


Withum’s expertise in Microsoft 365 allows us to provide a holistic support for planning and designing the employee experience through SharePoint, Teams, and Microsoft Viva.

Opportunities to Consider / Future Roadmap

Based on our knowledge of your business use cases, we create an Employee Experience strategy and roadmap to implement Microsoft Viva using key workstreams such as knowledge management, communications, and learning and development. During a working session with core project stakeholders, we validate our findings and discuss other company priorities that may influence the roadmap for Microsoft Viva.

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New to Microsoft Viva?

For customers just learning about the Microsoft Viva suite, we start your journey by conducting an overview workshop showcasing the art of the possible with Viva based on your business use cases. We also facilitate Viva workload “deep dives” for key Viva workloads such as Viva Topics, Viva Engage, Viva Goals, and Viva Amplify.

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