M&A Empow’her’ment – Spotlighting the Women in the M&A World

Introducing M&A Empow’her’ment, a groundbreaking video series dedicated to empowering and celebrating women’s achievements in the dynamic world of M&A.

The mission of M&A Empow’her’ment is to amplify the voices, experiences, and achievements of women in M&A. Through insightful conversations, personal experiences, and expert insights, our goal is to inspire, empower, and provide a platform for women to share their journeys, strategies, struggles, and lessons learned while navigating the intricate and dynamic M&A world.

“I am thrilled to have you join me on this journey of M&A Empow’her’ment. I promise you captivating discussions, fresh insights, and a deeper understanding of the fascinating and complex world of M&A.”

Kelsey Thomas, Senior Manager, Advisory Services

M&A Empow’her’ment is broken down into several mini-episodes to cover current and relevant topics in the M&A world. In every episode, we extend a warm invitation to the innovators, industry trailblazers, and professional experts to impart their wisdom and share their stories. Through captivating and stimulating conversations, we strive to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and drive positive change for future generations of women in M&A.

Watch Our First Episode

Intro to M&A Empow’Her’ment: Foundations for Progress

In this exciting launch episode, our audience will get to know our host, Kelsey Thomas, Advisory Services Senior Manager at Withum and her first guest, Steve Brady, Market Leader of Transaction Advisory at Withum. Kelsey and Steve discuss the series’ mission to empower and highlight women’s accomplishments in the dynamic world of M&A with a preview of its upcoming episodes featuring an all-female deal team.

Meet Your Host

Kelsey Thomas has over 15 years of professional experience in assurance and transaction advisory services. In her role at Withum, she specializes in buy-side, sell-side, and other transaction-related advisory support services with in-depth knowledge and experience in the manufacturing, distribution and logistics, technology, and consumer products industries. When she’s not working, you’re likely to find Kelsey hanging out with her husband and two rescue pit bulls, on the volleyball court, or cheering on the Bills!

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