TaxCaddy simplifies tax time by allowing users to easily and quickly collaborate with our tax professionals. Learn more with our TaxCaddy Tax Time Simplified Brochure.

Getting Started

Existing Users

Thank you for creating your TaxCaddy account last year, we will be sending your Tax Questionnaire and Document Request List soon. To ensure you’re ready to go, we have the following tips and instructions.


Pleaseclick on this linkfor instructions on how to log in to your TaxCaddy account.


If you have technical questions about your TaxCaddy account or you’re experiencing trouble accessing your account (e.g., if you forgot your password) the TaxCaddy support team is just an email away. For more information about getting help, visit the TaxCaddy Help Center.


To provide access to your spouse or others, click your name in the top right corner and then Settings. ClickAdditional User Accountand enter their information. They will receive an invitation to create a linked account with the same steps you have already completed. For more information, see the SHARING ACCOUNT ACCESS instructions here.

Take advantage of TaxCaddy’s ability to automatically download tax documents from your banks and other financial institutions by setting up Smart Links. As documents such as your 1099 are posted, they will be automatically retrieved and placed in your TaxCaddy account. For more information, click here for SMART LINKS.


TaxCaddy’s mobile app provides a convenient way to access your information and communicate with us directly from your mobile phone. You can even photo-scan paper documents and upload them to your TaxCaddy account. Download the app from the iTunes App Store or on Google Play. For more information about the MOBILE APP, click here.


Early in the new year, you will receive an email when we add your Tax Questionnaire and a Document Request List to TaxCaddy. Upload the listed tax documents as you receive them and answer the questions to ensure we have the information we need to prepare your return. If you have any questions throughout the process, send us a message from the Messages tab on the navigation bar.

For more information about the Questionnaire, click here.

For more information about Documents, click here.

For more information about Messages, click here.

New Users

TaxCaddy makes it easier than ever to gather your 1040 tax documents and deliver them to us, communicate with us, and answer your questionnaire electronically. We’re excited about this powerful, easy-to-use solution and we think you will be, too.

1. You will receive a TaxCaddy invitation email from your tax professional. From the email, click the Sign Up Free button. Create a password, select your three security questions and follow the steps to create your TaxCaddy account.

2. Log in to your TaxCaddy account and accept your tax professional’s connection request. Accepting the connection request allows your tax professional to send you messages and requests, see your tax documents, send you letters and upload your tax return for your review.

3.Your spouse or a financial advisor can be added as an additional user and given granted access to your TaxCaddy account at any time. Link to your banks and brokerages and let TaxCaddy automatically retrieve your tax documents. Install the TaxCaddy app for iPhone or Android to take photographs of paper documents as you receive them.

Contact our Tax Team to help address your tax filing challenges.


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