Our Business Tax Services Team is dedicated to providing companies with the highest quality corporate tax preparation, planning, and consulting services and to helping reduce business tax liability.

Holistic Business Tax Preparation Services

Reduce Your Tax Liability By Developing Cost-Effective Corporate Tax Planning Strategies

For over 40 years, our business tax advisors have been providing business tax consulting and preparation services to companies both large and small. As a nationally recognized Top 25 tax services firm, we have ample experience with business tax planning, preparation, and compliance issues. Our tax specialists have a comprehensive understanding of international, federal, state and local tax regulations – and as an independent member of HLB, a Global Advisory and Accounting Networking, we can assist in developing cost-effective business tax strategies for organizations around the globe.

As part of our Business Tax Services, we put together a custom corporate tax planning strategy and address any related tax issues prior to year-end. We’ll also review the most recent tax law changes and interpretations in order to maximize tax savings opportunities and reduce tax liability. With an effective business tax preparation plan, companies have greater assurance of:

  • Realizing substantial cost savings
  • Limiting future interest and penalty payments
  • Achieving desired tax results
  • Reducing the likelihood of an IRS audit

Our Suite of Business Tax Services

The Withum business tax advisors are well-versed in the full spectrum of business tax services. They can assist in developing business tax planning strategies around the following areas:

We offer a wide variety of business year-end tax planning services to help organizations stay compliant and take advantage of the latest money-saving opportunities. We’ve also created a Year-End Tax Planning Resource Center that acts as an on-demand one-stop-shop for corporate tax preparation tips.

Businesses that operate internationally faces the unique challenge of having the stay compliant with multiple countries’ tax rules and regulations. Our international tax advisors work with organizations to maintain tax transparency, remediate cross-border tax disputes, minimize the risk of double-taxation and achieve maximum savings through international tax incentives.

For organizations facing corporate tax controversy issues, our tax consultants are well-equipped to handle various issue resolutions, dispute avoidance, and more. We’ll put together a plan that describes the particular controversy, outlines a custom resolution, and establishes measures to prevent the issues from reoccurring.

The constantly evolving nature of national and international tax laws – and the increased scrutiny surrounding them – can make corporate income tax accounting complicated. Our tax accounting services cover stock-based compensation, tax validation projects, valuation assessments, statement and balance sheet support, tax position consulting, and more. They also include ASC 740 consulting, preparation, remediation, internal controls assistance, transaction services, provision assistance, and training.

Depending on the organization, tax reform laws can cause unforeseen complications, or provide promising opportunities. Withum’s business tax advisors help businesses navigate the changing waters of U.S. tax reform. Our business tax services include the creation of corporate tax planning strategies built upon the insights gained from analysis and modeling tools. We work with organizations to predict and analyze tax reform impacts and outline the options that make sense for them. For more information, check out our Tax Reform Resource Center.

With partnerships offering the most flexibility out of any tax structure and S corporations having the most strict rules, knowledge and experience are key to businesses that operate in these structures. Our team of seasoned experts can help your business navigate the pass-through tax waters and put you in a position to succeed.

Find Out How the IRS Would Classify Your Workers

By answering a series of questions through this online questionnaire, companies can gain insights into how the IRS would classify their workers, thereby avoiding costly employment tax disputes with the government.

Why Choose Withum as Your Business Tax Team?

For more than 40 years, our team of business tax consultants have helped for-profit and nonprofit organizations with all their tax needs. Our holistic approach goes beyond simple tax preparation and includes everything from tax controversy to compliance.

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