At the center of your nonprofit is the desire to keep going against all odds to fulfill a unified goal. Sometimes, that focus can become clouded by compliance, governance and operational and financial decisions. Having the right team with the experience and knowledge to help tackle hurdles nonprofits face can free up your time and resources, letting you stay focused on the heart of the matter — your mission.

Withum’s Not-for-Profit and Education Services Team brings value to the relationships with our tax-exempt clients by offering innovative advisory solutions alongside the necessary not-for-profit accounting and tax services. We’ve helped nonprofits enhance workplace collaboration to become more efficient, saving them time and money. Tax-exempt entities look to us for guidance on how to structure organizational growth and succession plans.

And when it comes to protecting your reputation, constituents, donors and students, our Cyber and Information Security Team can deploy solutions and respond immediately to any cybersecurity threats. Nonprofits choose Withum to provide the support and guidance needed to succeed in a technology-driven world full of ever-changing rules and regulations.

How We Can Help Your Nonprofit

Integrity and trust to keep nonprofits ahead of the curve.

  • Assistance with new not-for-profit accounting standards and grant compliance.
  • Experience with government auditing standards, Uniform Guidance, HUD and GASB regulations.
  • Determine the impact of new tax regulations.
  • Uncover hidden transactions.
  • Share best practices for effective governance and risk management.
  • Competitive employee benefit offerings.
  • Smart and innovative investment opportunities.
  • Share trending industry news, updates and education.

Well-rounded knowledge base with a variety of nonprofits.

  • Labor unions and affiliates
  • Community-based organizations and development agencies
  • Public charities, private operating foundations and private foundations
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Social service agencies
  • Social welfare organizations
  • Trade associations and membership organizations
  • Educational institutions

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Keep your work environment and information secure. Invisible threats are always looming. It’s vital to safeguard your financials, contacts and maintain the integrity of your systems to prevent irreversible damages. Step one: understand the underlying dangers. Step two: eradicate them.
Our Solutions

Nonprofit outsourced accounting and finance options are readily available no matter the life stage of your organization. We can improve your workflow, streamline resources and offer advice and support to help you stay focused on what’s important – your people and your mission.
Our Solutions

Fluid communication, automated processes and streamlined inefficiencies are vital to your organization’s longevity. Learn how integrating Microsoft 365 and Teams or an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool can help your school or nonprofit keep productivity up and inefficiencies down.
Our Solutions

When dealing with healthcare and insurance claims, weaknesses in nonprofit revenue cycles can leave dollars on the table for the organization’s funding and daily operations. Periodic revenue cycle assessments encourage stronger process management and lead to a healthier bottom line.
Our Solutions

Whether you are a start-up and need help structuring the correct entity type, or you are an established nonprofit looking to discuss risk exposure, unrelated business activities, 990 preparation and presentation, benchmarking or improving your watchdog ratings, our tax team is here to help.
Our Solutions

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Giving back in more ways than one.

Withum NFP Team

Delivering on our promise to always give back to the communities in which we live and work, you’ll see our team members volunteering at local nonprofits, serving on boards and committees – doing our part every day to make a difference.

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