Tailored for those with high net-worth, our individual tax services help reduce tax liability and maximize after-tax cash flow. Our personal tax preparation services include tax return compliance, tax planning, and assistance with investment strategies.

Who Are Our Personal Tax Services For?

Our tax services for individuals focus on the development of holistic tax planning strategies for those with high-income and high net worth. They’re perfect for those with complicated, multi-faceted tax structures like:

A business owner’s full attention should be on running their business. Being elbow-deep in company details can sometimes mean that personal tax planning and finance fall behind as a priority. With some of the most complicated and intricate tax and finance situations, owners and other business executives can turn to Withum for world-class wealth management tax services. Our reputation as a top national tax, consulting, and accounting firm extends beyond our tax services for businesses, so you can expect that our individual tax services will meet the same quality standards. Whether you want to develop a trust and estate plan, build your retirement savings, or create educational funds, our personal tax consulting team can help.

Founders of technology focused businesses often face unique challenges, as growth, mergers and acquisitions can happen quickly. For these high-income earners, our individual tax planning services include guidance on qualified small business stock (QSBS), mergers and acquisitions, secondary sales, equity-based compensation, and more.

Tax planning for professional athletes requires both industry knowledge and a mastery of accounting and tax services for unpredictable incomes. Our personal financial advisors are experts on tax planning for high net worth individuals and have worked across a variety of niches within the sports and entertainment industry.

Working across various niches in the theatre and entertainment industry helps us maintain an elite client base of theatrical entertainers and other media and broadcasting clients. Our individual tax services can be tailored for those looking for guidance regarding theatrical productions (domestic and abroad), and  film and TV productions.

Every state and municipality has its own tax codes, making it impossible for any one individual to understand all of them. When moving from one state to establish domicile in another, great care must be taken to abide by both the former and new home state rules. As a national tax consulting firm, Withum’s individual tax planners specialize in varying State and Local Tax Laws, so you can rest assured that no rule will be missed.

Our Individual Tax Services

No matter the type of financial planning you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. Below is an additional list of high-income individual tax services we offer:

Why Choose Withum as Your Individual Tax Service Provider?

For over 40 years, our individual tax consultants have helped high net worth clients with all their tax, advisory, and wealth management needs. Our planning approach goes beyond tax preparation and includes everything from investment management to philanthropic planning.

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