Inclusion and diversity (I&D) is central to our people-first, values-driven culture. By putting our people first, we create a foundation of trust and transparency that allows everyone to be heard, feel valued and enhance our clients’ experiences at the Firm. This starts with fostering a sense of community by embracing the intersections of our team member’s identities and the diverse perspectives they bring to work every day.

We’re living in a time where experiences profoundly impact mindset. Creating a culture of inclusion where all of our team members can thrive lends itself to increased engagement across all levels of the Firm.

Bill Hagaman, Managing Partner and CEO
CEO Statement on Inclusion and Diversity

Through our intentional commitment to continue creating inclusive, diverse teams, we are developing strong leaders who will create a legacy of allyship, mentorship and sponsorship for their peers and active members of their communities. This leadership breeds innovative thinking that enables us to solve our clients’ most pressing challenges, helping their businesses to grow and thrive.

Strategic Pillars of Inclusion and Diversity

The strategic pillars of our inclusion and diversity efforts encompass three areas of focus:

  • Workforce
  • Workplace
  • Marketplace and Community
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Our Workforce

Our Workforce priorities focus on intentional efforts to recruit, retain and advance underrepresented talent at all levels.

Our Workplace

Our Workplace priorities focus on fostering a culture of inclusion where our team members feel empowered to be their authentic selves.

Our Marketplace and Community

Our Marketplace and Community priorities are driven by our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives to actively support the communities we serve.

Team Member Resource Groups

To truly grow inclusion at Withum, our team member resource groups (TMRGs), typically referred to as employee resources groups, serve as an integral part of our I&D strategy. Our TMRGs represent team members who identify as people of color (Asian, Latinx, Black), a member of the LGBTQ+ community, a person with a disability, a veteran or a woman. They exist to enrich the brand, culture and client experience by driving cultural awareness, competency and authentic engagement across our workplace.

Asian and Pacific Islander Team Members and Allies

Black, Latinx, African-American, African and Caribbean Team Members and Allies

Team Members with Disabilities and Allies

Hispanic and Latinx Team Members and Allies

LGBTQ+ Team Members and Allies

Veteran Team Members and Allies

Women Team Members and Allies

Learn More About Women of Withum

Inclusion and Diversity Corporate Partners

Inclusion and Diversity Recognition

We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to live The Withum Way and embrace the power of #OneWithum.