At Withum, our intentional commitment to inclusion and diversity reinforces the foundation of the Firm’s values-driven culture. Since our inception, we have lived our core values which put our people first and foremost in our drive for excellence. Today, more than ever, our clients are leaning in to see what initiatives we are taking to allow our team members to reach their fullest potential in an inclusive work environment. However, more importantly than being driven by clients’ questions, we believe at our core that a strong diversity and inclusion policy is the right thing by our people, clients and communities.

We’re living in a time where experiences profoundly impact our mindset. Leading with inclusion and innovation, as part of Withum’s strategic Vision 2023, allows us to promote a sense of connection and belonging within the Firm. Creating a culture of inclusion where all of our team members can thrive lends itself to increased engagement across all levels of the Firm.

With inclusive, diverse teams, we can help our clients Be in a Position of StrengthSM, address their most pressing challenges and offer innovative solutions while fostering a workplace where our team members can thrive in their careers.

Withum’s Inclusion and Diversity strategic framework encompasses three key areas of focus:

  • Our Workforce is at the core of our success. We are intentional in our efforts to recruit, retain and advance underrepresented talent, inclusive of those who identify as people of color (Asian, Latinx, Black), a member of the LGBTQ+ community, a person with a disability, a veteran or a woman, at all levels. We believe that diverse perspectives bring strength and innovation to create stronger teams.
  • Our Workplace priorities focus on fostering a culture of inclusion where our team members feel empowered to be their authentic selves. A testament to our culture’s honesty— we strive to promote a sense of belonging where everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the Firm’s growth and success, have an entrepreneurial mindset, and bring big ideas and curiosity to work every day.
  • Our Marketplace/Community priorities come to fruition through our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts to support the communities we serve through sustainable, strategic sourcing of diverse suppliers. This pledge strengthens our relationships to enhance Withum’s reputational capital and recognition as an employer and service provider of choice.

To enhance inclusion at Withum, we offer team member resources groups, known as Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). ERGs serve as an integral part of our I&D strategy and contribute significantly to our ability to achieve our collective I&D priorities. We’ve intentionally established seven ERGs representative of our underrepresented talent at the Firm. As the Withum grows, these ERGs will expand, developing a stronger, inclusive and diverse workplace.

I believe in leading by example and encourage every team member to be a steward of I&D at the firm. Knowing who you are comes from knowing what you stand for. We stand for doing things The Withum Way. This unique philosophy and culture, built on trust and transparency, give us the strength to create immense opportunity for our clients, our team members and our communities.

We live the #WithumWay and embrace the power of #OneWithum.

Bill Hagaman

Managing Partner, CEO