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IT and Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Build Your Cybersecurity Package

Cyberattacks - Not If But When

Our cybersecurity consulting services team assists organizations with navigating today’s complex business environments to meet or exceed industry standards. We take a proactive approach to information technology and security solutions; aligning your technologies, IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity to address ever-evolving regulatory requirements, modern cyber threats, and to provide your business with industry innovation and competitive advantage.

Our Cybersecurity Service Offerings:

Point-to-Point We've Got You Covered

We offer a wide range of information and cybersecurity consulting services tailored to your organization’s challenges. Whether you need a comprehensive security assessment, are interested in IT managed services, are proactively looking to get ahead of cyber threats, or want to mitigate damages from a successful attack, — we’ve got you covered.

Our expertise has been honed from across the globe, by being selected as the cybersecurity consulting experts for SMB’s (Small-to-Medium Sized Businesses) to Global Enterprise Class Environments, hospitals and healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing and deathcare, government and non-profit organizations, including supporting some of the largest network intrusions, such as Sony Network Intrusions, Target Data Breach, Banner Health Networks, Operation Firewall and Operation Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

Introducing the AIR4DroidTM Security Appliance

Maximize your IT/IT Security ROI via 24/7/365 anytime, anywhere announced or unannounced auditing of your environment. Withum’s AIR4DroidTM computer device provides intelligent identification, scanning, probing and mapping of your organization’s network(s) devices and vulnerabilities.

Meet AIR4DroidTM

Cyber and Information Security Services

IT Managed Services

Our IT Managed Services team makes sure your business is performing at its best by helping your organization maximize your IT investment, securely and efficiently. Save your business time and money, eliminate costly downtime, and increase overall productivity with 24/7/365 support.
Our IT Managed Services Solutions

Cyber Incident Response Services

Withum’s Incident Response Investigatory Support® (Withum I.R.I.S.®) provides a rapid, tactical, single incident investigation of any cyber attack. As your outsourced cyber security services company, we collaborate with your internal IT team to provide:

  • Ransomware Attacks and Remediation
  • Critical Assistance and supporting evidence w/filing an insurance claim to help ensure maximum coverage. Stay ahead of the inevitable impacts by having an appropriate Withum cyber team Incident Response agreement in place, prior to incidents occurring, as a ‘checks and balance’ to the insurance companies findings.
  • A holistic assessment of what happened.
  • The identification of potentially concealed risks.
  • The creation (and implementation) of cost-effective remedial plan.

Our Incident Response Solutions

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Did you know that the Withum cyber team has mitigated several data breaches through actionable threat intelligence via dark web monitoring? Intelligence is key in making sound decisions when it comes to your organization’s cybersecurity. The lack of actionable threat intelligence leaves companies vulnerable and at risk for an attack. Withum’s Cyber and Information Security Services Team offers two unique threat intelligence reports: Advanced Threat Targeting and Mergers and Acquisition Cyber Risk Analysis.
Our Intelligence Services and Reports

Cyber Forensics and Electronic Discovery

A criminal proceeding, compliance audit, or regulatory issue can cause your business a need to identify, collect, and preserve electronically stored information. Our Cyber Forensics and Electronic Discovery services include cyber forensics investigations support and an integrated suite of capabilities.
Our Cyber Forensics and E-Discovery Solutions

Advanced IT Security Services

Thorough cybersecurity controls and assessments go beyond a single engagement. You need a plan in place to ensure your information security solutions and strategy implementation is:

  • Accountable and aligned to your needs
  • Is protecting your business’s critical assets and operations and
  • Is resistant to compromise from realistic and probable threats.

As an information security firm, we take a deep dive into your systems whether it is incident response testing, comprehensive identification and validation of confidential information through data loss prevention or Withum AIR4Droid™ droid details.

Complete Cybersecurity Services for Success

Most cybersecurity consulting companies cheerlead specific technologies, and offer disjointed services and expertise that do not adequately benefit and prioritize your business. Similar to an inefficient engine, misaligned technology increases costs and risks, bottlenecks productivity, and is an underlying factor impairing business growth. Disjointed technology, lack of expertise, and security gaps leads to more than just operational inefficiencies; it leads to regulatory violations and crippling cyber impacts.

At Withum, our goal is to deliver unified cybersecurity consulting services that take into account your organization’s people, processes, technology, costs, and validation of the security’s effectiveness – so you know your cybersecurity solutions are actually working and backed by unbiased measurable results.

Our expert cyber information security team works with your organization to:

  • Identify what assets (i.e. data and information, also known as crown jewels) that need to be protected and determine the company’s current level of preparedness.
  • Protect the confidentiality, availability and integrity of the business’ core infrastructure to help ensure they’re in regulatory compliance to avoid business-critical impacts. 
  • Detect areas within systems and processes that are weak and vulnerable to assault by penetration test and proprietary vulnerability scan tools. For our more confident clients, we’ll engage in a formal ethical hacking project where we act like a criminal to penetrate your systems and/or physical premises.
  • Respond effectively to contain cyber-attacks and minimize the impact of the damage. We use a team of digital forensic specialists to determine the entry point, what was taken, is there any other suspicious malware still hiding.
  • Recover quickly from an attack with a plan to restore capability and reputational losses.’
Don’t wait until something happens to evaluate your security protocols. Connect with our cybersecurity consultants today for a brief evaluation. Contact Withum’s IT and Cybersecurity Services Team today.

Protect Your Business with an OSINT Report

Intelligence is often the primary factor in making sound investments, negotiating a good deal, defeating a competitor or heading off a cyberattack. The lack of actionable threat intelligence leaves companies adrift, making poor decisions and often not realizing it until they are hit with ransomware, burdened with massive regulatory fines or pushed out of the market space by a competitor. Cyber threat intelligence is good business intelligence; it provides meaningful insight about the unknown, industry and organizational metrics, and arms the business with actionable intelligence and competitive advantage. Learn more and request your report now.

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President Real Estate Development and Management Company
Due to some concerns with our former IT consultants, we began searching for a new provider. We chose Withum's Cybersecurity team, as their services range from providing IT Consulting and IT Security, to incident response and forensics. Before officially hiring them, Withum performed an extensive assessment of our entire environment and recommended changes and enhancements. I was very impressed by their analysis and immediately understood how sophisticated their security is compared to where we were at the time. We made the change and although change is always difficult, Withum made it as seamless as possible.

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