In today’s business and legal landscape, the need for comprehensive digital forensics and eDiscovery services has never been greater. At Withum, we recognize the critical importance of expertly navigating the complexities of incident response, evidence collection and expert witness testimony.

Our team of eDiscovery forensic experts is dedicated to providing trusted forensic and eDiscovery services, working closely with clients and legal counsel to ensure the thorough gathering and safeguarding of electronically stored information.

Our Digital Forensics and eDiscovery Services

Whether you are facing a triggering event or navigating the legal process, our qualified and experienced digital forensics experts are ready to “connect the dots” and help you navigate these challenging situations.

Our commitment to understanding the nuances of litigation, data protection and eDiscovery sets us apart as trusted experts in the field.

Forensic Imaging for Your Business

Incident Response

Rapid and effective response to security incidents

Computer Forensic Acquisitions

Expert acquisition of digital evidence (IoT; Mobile; Network)

Evidence Collection and Preservation

Secure collection and preservation of evidence on-site.

Analysis and Examination of Digital and Mobile Evidence

In-depth analysis for valuable insights 

On-Premises Services

Secure on-site data collection and analysis performed at our state-of-the-art facility.

digital workplace solutions

Expert Witness Testimony

Trusted expert testimony in legal proceedings.

eDiscovery Consulting and Hosting

Comprehensive eDiscovery solutions.

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