What’s To Love About Withum?

We couldn’t pick just one thing, nor could our team members! That’s why we asked our emerging professionals to share it all. Hear why a career at Withum speaks their professional love language.

Student Opportunities at Withum

Internship Program

Through our internships, available in Winter and Summer months, you will gain valuable hands-on public accounting experience by working with a dedicated group of top professionals who will share their wealth of knowledge and experience. Opportunities for full time employment after graduation.

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Entry-Level Empower Training Program

Empower is our comprehensive, entry-level training program designed to empower you as you make the transition from college student to staff accountant. We utilize a comprehensive talent management strategy that is comprised of a variety of professional development initiatives such as Career Coach and Mentoring Programs intended to help retain, engage, build and leverage the talents of our invaluable staff.

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Tour de Withum Leadership Program

Tour De Withum is our leadership program where we introduce college students to Withum’s unique culture.

Students will be able to gain more insight into advisory, tax, and audit. This program will benefit students as they will be placed into our pipeline for future opportunities such as internships and full-time jobs. Virtual and in-person opportunities available.

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Program Eligibility


Ready to Start Your Career with Withum?


How to Apply
    • Students can apply by attending on-campus events (career fairs, on-campus interviews, information sessions).
    • Submit your application here: Campus Opportunities
When to Apply
    • Late Summer/early Fall, preferred.
    • Resumes will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
Interview Process
    • If eligible, a Recruiter will contact you for a preliminary screening.
    • Next round will be an interview with Senior team members from respective offices (virtual or in-person).
    • Campus Recruiter will contact you with offer details.
Post Offer
    • If you are interested in touring your office location, or networking with future team members, please feel free to contact a member of our team listed below so we can schedule a meet up.



Does Withum pay for CPA exam study materials and fees?

Yes, Withum will pay for 100% of the costs associated with CPA study materials.  Registration fees for the exams will be covered for your first attempt at each section of the exam. Additionally, Withum provides 1 paid day off per exam and a CPA bonus upon completion of all CPA exams.

Can you get hired for an entry level position without 150 credits?

Yes, Withum will hire candidates at the entry-level even if they do not have 150 credits.  Withum helps team members obtain their additional credits through tuition reimbursement.

How does Withum support the growth of my career?

Withum supports the growth of our team members’ careers in multiple ways.  We have a robust Career Coaching and Peer Mentoring Program, a Pathway Program for team members looking to explore other lines of business, a Talent Management Program to keep team members on top of their goals, LinkedIn Learning trainings and Withum Learning.


Interview Dos and Don’ts

At Withum, we care about team members and want to help them succeed. We think hiring is the first step in investing in our people so we’ve put together some tips to help you ace your interview with us!

  1. Dress the part. Always look professional even when participating in an interview that is in a video format.
  2. Don’t be late. This will come off as unprofessional. If there is something that you foresee keeping you from being on time, we recommend you send out an email to let the person know you are running behind. Let them know what time you anticipate being ready.
  3. Research the firm. Find out more about Withum. Study up on the business, our clientele and the industry. The information acquired will enable more in depth discussions during your interview and help you come up with questions to ask the interviewer.
  4. Ask questions. Prepare a list of questions before the interview.  This is where your research will come in handy.
  5. Be prepared to talk. Do not be unresponsive. Show your enthusiasm.
  6. Be prepared to discuss your plans for taking the CPA exam.  Same with 150 credits. If you are graduating with less than 150 credits, discuss how you plan to obtain the remaining credits.
  7. Know the difference between private and public accounting.

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Connect with Our Campus Team

Debbie Lee-Ho

Campus Recruiting Manager

Sarah Harrington

Campus Recruiter- DC, MA, RI, Fl, TN offices

Mandy Haque

Campus Recruiter- NJ, NY, PA offices

Paul Ngo

Senior Campus Recruiter- West Coast offices

Shakira Francillon

Campus Recruiting Assistant (all offices except West Coast)

Cathy Alturk

Campus Recruiting Assistant – West Coast offices


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