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National Tax Policy Updates

As the year continues, the tax plans and policies being signed into effect under the Biden administration will emerge and evolve. Our Resource Center will be updated with timely insights and upcoming webinars to keep you apprised of the latest developments with Biden’s tax policies. For questions or additional information, contact Withum’s National Tax Services Team at any time.


global minimum tax OECD Announces Consensus on Global Minimum Tax
estate tax exemption Tax Proposals and the Potential Impact to Estate Planning
international tax provisions Here We Go Again! Changes to International Tax Provisions
Qualified Small Business Stock The Exclusion for Qualified Small Business Stock is in Play
budget reconciliation proposals Tax Proposals Released by House Ways and Means Committee
tax increase proposal Tax Increase Proposals are Starting to Gel
Reconciliation Bill Congress Moves Closer to Passing Reconciliation Bill (and Tax Increases)
biden's new tax proposal Time Is Running Out! Plan Now Before Biden’s Tax Increases Take Effect
biden wealth tax proposal What’s in the Biden Wealth Tax Proposal and How to Avoid It?
Capital Gains Tax When Would President Biden’s Capital Gains Tax Increase Take Effect?
International tax provisions Why is International Tax Such a Hot Topic in the News Coming out of D.C.?
international business 2021 Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act Targets Corporate Tax Loopholes
international business No Tax Breaks for Outsourcing Act Eliminates Benefits to Corporations
section 965 Proposed Legislation Regarding Section 965(h) Installment Payments
irs funding President Biden Plans to Give the IRS an Additional $1.2 billion to Target High-Income Earners
cannabis tax Green New Tax – How a Corporate Tax Hike Will Hurt the Cannabis Industry
american families plan New Details on President Biden’s Tax Proposals
estate planning It’s Time To Consider Your Estate Plan
biden's tax plans and proposal Biden’s Corporate Tax Proposals
Biden Tax What Does Biden’s Win Mean for Tax Policy?
election tax webinar On-Demand Webinar: Election 2020 Tax Policy
election tax guide Election 2020 Candidate Tax Guide
2021 Are Changes to the Estate Tax Coming in 2021?
election year tax planning Tax Planning in an Election Year
biden taxes What Will Tax Rates Look Like Under Biden?
tax impacts on technology Tax Impacts of the 2020 Election on the Technology Industry
like-kind tax provisions Biden Proposes Eliminating Like-Kind Exchanges

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Disclaimer: Please note this is the information that is readily available at this time, it is subject to change so please consult your Withum tax advisor.

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