Our unique culture and the relationships we value with our clients are nurtured through the daily application of The Withum Way.


Think Client Centrically

First and foremost, the purpose behind most everything we do at Withum revolves around the betterment of our relationships with our clients. This is the impetus behind providing world-class client service. We fully appreciate that our clients need advisory, tax and accounting services, but choose to work with us.


Possess a Vision for Growth

As a strategic partner to our clients, Withum professionals share the vision of what your business should look like three months, three years or three decades from now. We work alongside you to get your business there.


Welcome Innovation and Change

Withum professionals are nimble, flexible, open and willing to learn new things, whether technology-related or continually keeping updated on accounting regulations and best practices. Ultimately, we must do what is in the best interest of our clients.


Maintain an Inclusive, Collaborative Attitude

Our intentional commitment to inclusion and diversity reinforces the foundation of collaboration and innovation, helping us make more informed decisions by looking at challenges from a variety of perspectives in order to better serve our clients.


Demand Integrity

One of Fred Withum’s favorite sayings was, “Our services are for sale; not our integrity.” This truism still holds strong, as Withum staff continue to uphold the highest levels of values and ethics, and expect the same from their clients, gaining mutual respect and trust.


Cultivate Open and Honest Relationships

Our goal is to develop a connected, long-term relationship with our clients. We want to know what is going on in the world of your business, and even how it is affecting your life in general. Because, really, isn’t it all connected? We are here to help you succeed across the board.


Embrace the Family Spirit

Withum people are not afraid to endear themselves to one another and to their clients. We respect and care for each other, both personally and professionally. You are not just another client; you are a friend of the Firm; a member of the Withum family.


Work Hard/Play Hard

This ubiquitous motto applies all too well at Withum. We work hard to provide the world-class service our clients expect and then celebrate together in our successes when the job is done. Don’t be surprised if you are invited to one of our many events or golf outings; we genuinely like to do that!


Give Back

Volunteerism and community outreach is an integral part of our Firm’s culture. You will never see a more caring, compassionate group of professionals than what you find here at Withum. Do you have a charity of choice? Let us know about it! We enjoy getting involved – to share the spirit of hope and to remember to give back!


Live Life Passionately

If you don’t love what you are doing, then why bother doing it? We are zealous in our pursuit of living. Happy professionals approach their work life with the same enthusiasm with which they approach their personal lives. This enhances their relationships with clients as well as the delivery of service to them. Check out our Facebook photos!

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