Whether you are going through a divorce, business split, civil damage claim, or any number of other contested or litigated matters, the tax ramifications often are key to any resolution between the parties. Additionally, instances, where the federal or state government could file or have filed a criminal complaint, require a unique skill set and a close working relationship with legal counsel.

Representation in these matters requires a deep understanding of the ins and outs of the legal process and the relevant tax laws. Withum’s Tax Dispute and Litigation professionals are well-versed in the litigation, mediation, and arbitration process and the protection of our clients’ interests, particularly in the areas of court testimony, the preparation of written opinions, and the protection of client confidentiality and privilege.

Civil audits, both federal and state, as well as compliance matters also raise a number of issues. Clients need to be aware of their exposures and assess the risks of a “regular” audit attracting unexpected scrutiny. The seemingly endless number of taxing jurisdictions and myriad of potential taxes assessed to a business create an environment where the lack of compliance can be honest oversight rather than deliberate avoidance. Withum’s Tax Controversy Team is essential to your strategy to streamline interactions with the agencies, identify risks and assist with voluntary compliance agreements where omissions are identified.

Who Do We Represent?


In criminal matters, our team of experts typically work in cooperation with legal counsel, typically under a Kovel arrangement so that our advice falls under the umbrella of legal privilege and is protected from unwanted disclosure. We often prepare a written summary of our findings and conclusions and are available to testify in court if necessary.

Individual and Business Taxpayers

In civil matters, our professionals work through counsel or directly with individuals and businesses to help develop the facts and theories of the case. We often prepare a written summary of our findings and conclusions and then are available to testify in court, or in an arbitration/mediation proceeding.

How Can We Help?

This allows Withum’s Tax Dispute and Litigation team to consult with the client different results based on the facts, circumstances, and probabilities of the outcome.

Our professionals will do a deep dive into the tax code and case law to explain and evaluate a set of facts, layout potential outcomes, and suggest various courses of action.

As a consulting expert, we deploy our resources and bench of tax professionals  to evaluate the facts and circumstances, advise on outcomes and alternatives.

To mitigate the risks associated with worker misclassification, companies are urged to take a proactive stance. Withum’s employee classification tool provides a valuable resource for businesses seeking to self-correct and align with IRS guidelines.

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