Withum’s Dealership Advisory Services Team performs a variety of consulting services to dealers, from independent bank reconciliations in conjunction with reviewing canceled checks to critiquing finance reserve reconciliations to ensure that chargebacks and differences are being recorded timely. Streamline the floor plan reconciliation process with the use of data extraction.

Comprised of individuals with in-depth automotive dealership experience, we understand the industry and are geared to providing real solutions and services personalized to guide you down the road of success. Withum’s Dealership Advisory Services Team is highly experienced in helping auto dealerships maintain compliance with consumer, labor, employee and motor vehicle regulatory issues as well as federal and state tax issues. From reviews of state licensure and sales tax compliance to overviews of state and federal tax filings, our dealership advisors have assisted hundreds of single-point and mega dealers in meeting their business objectives. We deliver timely, accurate and meaningful information that you need to stay competitive and profitable.

dealership accounting

Account Reconciliations

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Dealership Compliance

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internal controls

Internal Controls

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Operations Analysis

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Warranty Controls

Warranty Parts & Labor Reimbursement

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Additional Dealership Advisory Services

  • Fixed Asset Analysis
  • Inventory Controls
  • Physical Inventory Observations
  • Warranty Parts Analysis
  • Fixed Operations Overviews
  • Time Card Reviews
  • WIP Analysis

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