Newsweek Talks Company Values With Pat Walsh

Pat Walsh, managing partner and CEO was happy to sit down with Newsweek on March 27 to discuss creating and cultivating a Most Loved Workplace.

Pat Walsh, interview with Newsweek - Most Loved Workplace.

Hosted by Lou Carter, Newsweek’s The Leader Show highlights leaders from different sectors to learn what creates effective, successful, and motivating environments. The podcast inspires current and aspiring leaders by focusing on how to overcome challenges in the modern landscape, whether in the private or public sector.

Pat took the opportunity to shine a light on The Withum Way, the ten tenets by which Withum team members live and work, and the different programs the Firm has that support the daily application of The Withum Way. Things like Withum’s coaching program, the structure of the Empower class, no-surprise quarterly performance reviews and unique benefits all serve to establish trust between the Firm and its team members and foster an environment where people can be their authentic selves and thrive in their careers.

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