Unique Problems and Unique Solutions

Pass-through entities can range from the simplest of agreements to the most complex multi-tiered strategic enigmas. Understanding your business’s goals and realities is at the heart of how Withum’s Pass-Through Services Team members help you craft the proper tax strategy. In addition to having a knowledge base that is second to none, Withum’s team utilizes industry-leading technology and practices to assist your business in all stages of its lifecycle.


In addition to tax return compliance, Withum’s Pass-Through Services offers the following services to aid your business:

  • Entity choice and business structuring
  • Transaction planning and modeling
  • Partnership Capital Account Maintenance (PCAM)
    1. Formation
    2. Quarterly tax distributions
    3. Annual updates
  • Basis studies
  • §199A Qualified Business Income Deduction planning
  • BBA partnership audits
  • Schedule K-1 delivery with Taxccess
  • State level income tax planning
    1. Connecticut pass-through tax
    2. NJ BAIT consulting

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