Business Process Automation is an investment in technology to replace time-consuming manual processes and increase efficiency on mission-critical tasks. Our solutions range from digitizing a paper form, applying an approval workflow, multi-step accounting workflow automation, acting on behalf of a user using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) all the way to Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) that learns and improves over time.

Enhance Business Processes

  • Digitize paper processes
  • Create interactive customer portals
  • Create seamless user interfaces for the input and consumption of data
  • Improve productivity, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Centralize all forms and processes into a single location

Get Expert Perspective

  • Product review and selection: Modeling, BPA, RPA, IPA, Workflow, etc.
  • Risk Management through specialized Industry experience: Construction, Professional Services, Not-for-Profit, Healthcare
  • Optimizing tax workflow automation

Automate Business Processes

  • Reducing wasted employee time by connecting old systems
  • Streamlining data entry tasks
  • Integrating with Line of Business applications
  • Consolidating dispersed data, both On-Premises and in the Cloud

It’s Time to Lighten Your Load with Process Automation

Stacks of paper, repetitive manual processes and unbillable time spent fixing avoidable human errors can seriously hold your business back from growing. It’s time you lighten your load with Withum’s process automation solutions.

Power Your Processes with Business Process Automation Workflow Tools

Product knowledge, a tested process and tools make for successful workflow automation. Business workflow automation includes modeling the steps, optimizing input, visualizing output, choosing the technology and implementing it. Our experts transform your manual processes using modern cloud technologies like:

Propel Your Business Workflow Automation Forward

Following Withum’s process, we can work together to build, enhance, and re-imagine your business workflow processes.


  • Process Analysis
  • Workflow Modeling
  • Rapid proof of concept delivery
  • Product Selection


  • Advisory services on best-practices
  • Build PowerApp/ PowerAuotmate, Nintex, Webcon, etc. Solutions Workflow
  • Transforming legacy processes to modern technologies


  • Center of Excellence – Ask questions about tools
  • Ongoing Support and improvement

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