Want to understand if automation can improve your critical business operations?

Our Business Process Automation Consultants are offering a complimentary half-day workshop for qualifying organizations to identify and analyze your most important business processes and determine which ones are viable candidates for process automation.

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In our half-day workshop, Withum will review a few of your most important, manually based processes to:

  • Understand and document specific challenges within each process.
  • Create high-level process maps visualizing the tasks and workflows underpinning them.
  • Review the current IT systems used to implement them.
  • Discuss your overall existing IT landscape (to help identify what automation tools make the most sense in your environment).
  • Identify and prioritize candidates for automation.
Complimentary Process Automation Diagnostic

Is it time to automate your business processes?

  • Do you rely on Manual Repetitive Work (MRW) for critical business operations?
  • Do you spend significant amounts of time manually entering or moving information from one system to another?
  • Are your manual processes error-prone and routinely require significant re-work?
  • Are you having difficulty keeping or finding people to keep your manual processes working correctly?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, process automation might be the right move for you and your business.