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Val Orekhov is a partner with over 25 years of experience in software development and IT consulting, Part of the Digital Workplace Solutions Team, Val’s role is to help clients improve efficiency and delight their employees and customers by using latest advances in cloud computing and AI. His job includes leading technology and modernization projects across different industries. At Withum, Val is in charge of setting technology strategy and supervising projects. Besides his technology roles, Val also applies the new technology stack based on Blockchain and Large Language Models to Tax and Audit . This is a key part of his work both at Withum and with clients. His aim is to keep business processes simple and effective for the needs of modern digital firms.

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Give Back

Val is a sought-after speaker for conferences and user groups on topics of AI and the accounting profession. He supports nonprofits that do important work in global health and broadening access to medical treatment.

Work Hard/Play Hard

Outside of the office, Val enjoys spending his free time with his family and raising his small children.

Latest Thinking

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