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Introducing a new video series focused on the exciting world of alternative investments.

Our mission is to provide you with an exclusive look into the unconventional and often esoteric realms of the asset management industry including changes in the marketplace, operational factors, investment strategies, all while learning from thought leaders in the front seat helping to drive industry.

In every episode, we extend a warm invitation to thought leaders, industry trailblazers, and mavericks to impart their wisdom and share their expertise. Through engaging and thought-provoking conversations, revealing the regular challenges and unforeseen obstacles that lie within this evolving space.

Get ready to embark on The Alternative Route with us. We promise you captivating discussions, fresh insights, and a deeper understanding of the fascinating world of alternative investments. Stay tuned for our upcoming episodes as we dive deep into this uncharted territory.

Latest Episode

Listen in as Colleen Fay interviews Pete Lubcker, and Yelena Dunaevsky from Woodruff Sawyer in an insightful video discussion. They dive into the dynamic world of secondaries markets, exploring what’s driving their dramatic growth, how insurers are approaching coverage, and the motivation behind using these markets.

Previous Episodes

Navigating Private Fund Adviser Rules: Compliance for Non-SEC Registered Advisers

Colleen Fay interviews experts Matthew DiBrienza from Withum and Kevin Cassidy from Seward and Kissel to delve into the new rules affecting private fund advisers, with a special focus on those who are not SEC registered. The discussion covers the specific rules applicable to both SEC-registered and unregistered advisers.

The Shifting Regulatory Landscape: Expert Insights and Strategies

In this episode of The Alternative Route, Colleen Fay welcomes Daniel Austin of AIMA and Joe Cassano, partner at Withum. They discuss the finalization of private fund rules, its implications, and the compliance measures required. In addition to a comprehensive update on key compliance issues, shedding light on how industry leaders are preparing for the changing regulatory environment.

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