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ERP Consulting Services: Planning, Implementation, Migration

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In the age of digital transformation, one thing is becoming increasingly evident; companies relying on disparate systems to manage their business processes are at a clear disadvantage. But, determining which unified suite of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools is best suited for your organization can be a challenge. Partnering with an experienced ERP Consulting Services provider can make sure your ERP implementation is on-time and on-budget. Ensure your ERP implementation is on-time, on-budget, and lives up to future-state expectations by partnering with an ERP Consulting Services provider.

What is ERP Consulting?

ERP Consulting is a broad term that includes the suite of services designed to assist organizations in meeting the ever-changing demands of today’s business. ERP Consulting Services go beyond system implementation and are focused on meeting the needs of the business and creating a successful user adoption experience. An ERP consultant is primarily responsible for transitioning an organization from existing systems and processes over to the new ERP platform, without impacting day to day business operations. They are equipped to help unearth inefficiencies and bottlenecks and provide innovative problem-solving techniques.

Two of the Most Common ERP Platforms

An agile ERP software solution goes beyond the debits and credits of traditional accounting. It should act as the backbone or lifeblood of an organization, and be responsible for managing all people and processes surrounding accounting, finance, project management, inventory processing, and supply chain operations. Two of the most popular ERP systems are Microsoft Dynamics 365 and NetSuite ERP.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an ERP platform providing detailed insight into processes and customer relationships for actionable decision-making. It’s comprised of eight components:


  1. Sales
  2. Marketing
  3. Service
  4. Finance & Operations
  5. Talent
  6. AI-Driven Insight
  7. Business Central 
  8. Mixed Reality


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NetSuite ERP

The NetSuite ERP platform is a complete ERP solution from Oracle that’s designed to manage and improve business performance. It’s suite of applications focuses on eight core areas that include:


  1. Financial Management 
  2. Financial Planning
  3. Order Management
  4. Production Management
  5. Supply Chain Management
  6. Warehouse
  7. Fulfillment
  8. Procurement


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Business Benefits of an ERP System

The biggest benefit of ERP is that it functions as a unified, integrated system built to handle all core business processes. It is a single source of truth for all your data. Through ERP integration, you get improved visibility into almost every area of your organization. With this increased visibility you’re more easily able to recognize opportunities for improved productivity, increased efficiency, and cost-reduction. An ERP system implementation provides: 

  • Greater controls over security and governance
  • A consistent, modern, user experience to manage workflows and business processes
  • Access to cross-functional reporting and detailed analysis
  • Clarity into all processes, from summary-level data down to transactional details
  • Visibility into  the entire customer journey  — from initial engagement, to purchase, through to customer support needs


ERP How To Videos

Withum Offers a Variety of ERP Consulting Services

As a value-added reseller, we offer comprehensive ERP consulting services that include ERP evaluation, assessment and roadmap creation, ERP planning and implementation, ERP project recovery,  and ERP support. We have the most experience working with the following types of businesses:

Startups (Pre-revenue – $5 mil)

For organizations that are pre-revenue up to ~$5 million in revenue, we focus on:

  • Keeping finances focused on product development
  • Getting your organization up and running with an out-of-the box ERP platform
  • Tracking internal and external customer interactions that relate to finance

Small to Midsize Business ($5 mil – $500 mil)

For small to midsize businesses, our ERP consulting services focus on:

  • Extending the life of Quickbooks online
  • Choosing a more advanced ERP System and customizing it to fit your needs
  • Integrating any additional applications you need 
  • The consolidation of reporting, cash flow, expense management, procurement, inventory, and CRM data

Why choose Withum for ERP Consulting

You shouldn’t have to worry about how the logistics of implementing a new ERP platform will impact your business. Withum is uniquely equipped to provide your team with the personalized consulting and training necessary to both evaluate and take full advantage of your ERP software solution.

Our Customer Journey Approach – Current State/Future State

At Withum, our goal is to help organizations understand where their challenges are and what viable ERP solutions are available, so they can make an informed decision on what’s best. To achieve this, we follow a Customer Journey approach that consists of three parts:

  • Diagnostic Assessment
  • Options Evaluation
  • Roadmap Planning 

During the Diagnostic Assessment, we take stock of your current IT/ERP Infrastructure, identify constraints and challenges, and determine the capabilities of your future state.  During the Options Evaluation phase, our ERP consultants walk you through your solution options and help you choose the ERP system that fits best. Finally, we engage in Roadmap Planning, in which we draft out the implementation and customization, migration, training, and any ongoing optimization activities involved in your project.


Already Have an ERP Software Solution?

If you already have an ERP software solution that you like or have a contract with, our consultants can perform a Fit-Gap Analysis to help you determine if and where any challenges, functionality gaps, or bottlenecks lie. If you’re currently happy with your ERP, we offer a wide range of innovative customization and optimization services that can allow you to leverage your existing applications in new, powerful ways.

Currently Engaged in an ERP Project?

Engaged in an ERP Project and wondering if you’re getting the value that you expected? Numerous projects have cost overruns and take longer than expected. If this sounds like how your project is progressing, we can help you get back on track by establishing a recovery plan to realize your anticipated benefits. Our consultants assess the current state of the project, provide recommendations for leading execution, and deploy ERP implementation best practices to help turn your project around.


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