Integrate Your Physician Billing Systems Into One Platform

Physician practices, medical centers and integrated health systems have a large amount of data of varying quality and limited resources to analyze it, leading to sub-optimal practice performance.

Withum’s analytical tool aggregates disparate data sources into one analytic engine shaped around your organizations workflows. It incorporates data from all aspects of the system or practice in a comprehensive view linking revenue data, accrued revenue, realization analytics, EMRs, e-prescribing systems, general ledgers, payroll systems and other KPIs. This enables proactive decision-making without large software investments.

Introduction to Physician Practice Manager Tool

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Physician Practice Manager Tool Features

Real-Time Accrual Based Financial Reporting

Report revenue by date of service using historical realization rates considering specific payer, provider and procedure mix.

Cash Realization and Forecasting

Cash waterfalls allow a deeper understanding of the revenue cycle, highlighting collection trends by payer, provider and location. Forecast cash flow based on forecasted volumes and realization trends.

Revenue Mix

Provides payer, provider, location and procedure mix. Identify shifts in mix or deviations from expectation or budget instantaneously.

Reimbursement Benchmarking

Compare reimbursement to key benchmarks, including Medicare fee schedules, payer fee schedules, reimbursement goals. Perform zero balance analysis and payer modeling.

Provider Productivity

Key productivity statistics tailored to your organizational priorities – wRVUs, encounters, visits or surgeries.


Real-time encounter volume compared against hours worked by clinical resources to identify mismatches. Other examples include comparing call center volume, vendor purchases and new patient volume.

Common Reporting to JVs, Partners, Shareholders & Physicians

All stakeholders can access and analyze the same dataset that provides encounterdetails, proof of reimbursement, wRVU metrics and other KPI’s to limit disputes as to what was performed and focus discussions on strategy.