An AI readiness engagement designed to help your business develop an AI strategy and roadmap so you can confidently implement leading-edge AI solutions, like Microsoft Copilot.

Are you ready to join the AI revolution? Early and effective AI adoption is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. Withum’s AI strategy assessment will help you understand the potential within Microsoft 365 and how to manage risks during AI adoption.

Our structured approach focuses
on four key steps:

1) Educate

Discover AI’s transformative potential, especially within Microsoft 365, Power Platform, and Azure.

2) Assess

Identify where AI can enhance your business processes and outcomes.

3) Implement

Deploy AI solutions that align with your business goals and ethical standards, using a well-defined roadmap and best practices.

4) Monitor and Refine

Ensure optimal and responsible AI performance through ongoing evaluation

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What’s included?

Our 3-week engagement will help you get ready for AI, responsibly.


Craft a bespoke AI strategy tailored to your organization’s unique needs.

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Receive an actionable plan for phased AI implementation, including timelines, milestones and benchmarks.

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Identify critical AI projects to boost operational efficiency, contract success and regulatory compliance.

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Prioritize ethical AI use and continuous improvement to align with evolving business goals and market dynamics.

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Why Withum?

AI Consulting Services

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At Withum, we understand the transformative power of AI, helping businesses navigate the AI revolution. Whether you’re just starting your AI journey or looking to enhance your existing capabilities, our comprehensive suite of AI services is designed to meet your needs.