With the continued move to E-Commerce from traditional brick-and-mortar, heightened privacy expectations and need to protect consumer data, and ever changing cross-border challenges, it is more important than ever to partner with the right advisors and embrace market changes to stay ahead of your competition. We understand the challenges you face, from expansion and M&A opportunities to inventory management and sales tax complications, and can help you navigate your compliance, accounting and advisory needs while you build toward your goals and innovate for the future.

Who We Help

  • Direct to Consumer (DTC)
  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Business to Consumer (B2C)
  • Consumer packaged goods (CPG)
  • Retail
  • Enablement technologies (SaaS)
  • Pre and Post purchase tech

E-Commerce Challenges and Trends

Online retailers have reaped the rewards of e-commerce’s tremendous growth in popularity and use but this comes with some unexpected challenges. Withum’s E-Commerce Services Team can help prepare you and your business for these challenges.

Learn more about the E-Commerce as the New Norm


Many e-commerce-focused businesses are unaware of the sales tax consequences of doing business across the country. Withum’s robust team of professionals can assist your business with sales tax nexus and reduce your overall tax liability.

Learn more about Sales Tax Opportunities

With the considerable amount of inventory coming and going, companies need an inventory management solution in place to limit mistakes and increase profitability. Online retailers need a strong inventory management system to be successful, and Withum advisors can help your business achieve that success with our solutions.

Learn more about automating your Inventory Management processes

QSBS, sometimes called founder’s stock, is one of the ways entrepreneurs are rewarded for their hard work and dedication in getting a company up and running. Discover the full range of benefits you’re entitled to as well as how best to incorporate your stock options into your personal financial goals.

Learn more about founder’s stock and equity compensation

Every company has valuable data and protected personal information (PPI) on their technology devices and would like to keep it secure. More than ever, cyber threats put this sensitive information at risk. Let us safeguard your business’s data.

Learn more about how we can help you evaluate your security protocols

A unified Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system eases the pains and eliminates the confusion caused by disparate systems and business processes. ERP is critical to a business’s success, and Withum is fully equipped to upgrade your system and provide your company with unique services to help you take full advantage of your software solution.

Learn more about how to boost your ERP system

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are incredibly relevant in today’s business environment, especially in the technology industry, and can help you achieve your ultimate goal. Every deal is different, and businesses need an advisor who tailors their approach to the unique aspects of your merger and/or acquisition. Withum is that advisor.

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The E-Suite Interviews

the euite interviews

A video series focused on the everchanging world of E-Commerce. Watch our engaging and insightful interviews for an inside look at some of the most innovative companies in the industry and gain insight into the different strategies and tactics they utilize.

E-Commerce Accounting, Advisory and Tax Services

Accounting and Attestation

  • Audited Financial Statements
  • Tax provision preparation support
  • ASC 606 implementation consultations including Gross vs. Net Analysis
  • ASC 842 implementation consultations
  • Inventory management consultation
  • Navigating the cap table (i.e. Carta) and stock-based compensation reporting (ASC 718)
  • Complex debt and equity accounting (warrants, SAFE notes, Secondaries, etc.)



Client Testimonials

Meagan Rosson, CFO | Tula, Inc

Withum has supported me and my team on US taxes, certain technical accounting topics, and they were our auditors for over 4 years. They are incredibly reliable and clearly experts in their respective fields. My Company was acquired in the last year and Withum was one of our go-to partners throughout that process and did a great job. They've truly been a fantastic partner for me and my team.

Jeffrey Tsai, Head of Finance | ROOM

The Withum team has provided a wide variety of services to us ranging from sales tax, income tax, transfer pricing, tax advisory and audit. They keep us up-to-date with all the latest developments in accounting and tax and have become our go-to advisor for any business matters. Their team is great to work with and has always gone above and beyond to deliver impeccable services. Withum has become our trusted advisor and business partner and we highly recommend their services.

Joseph Horn, Vice President and Controller | Zola

The Withum team has been a trusted tax advisor for us since Day 1 when we were in the early stages of growing our business. As we've grown and matured as an e-commerce company and also added employees in different regions, we have the confidence we can always call on the Withum team for tax guidance when it comes to any topic - whether it relates to our business needs or our employees. Withum has been a fantastic partner even as our tax issues have grown in complexity. No matter the topic, Withum has a broad set of subject matter experts to call on.

Andrew Bharat, Controller | M.M. LaFleur

The Withum team has provided several services to us such as auditing, income tax preparation and sales tax, just to name a few. They’re very knowledgeable and the team is great. They’ve always explained everything in great details, advised us on next steps and kept us informed on future development and compliance related items. Looking forward to continuing working with the Withum team!

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