After a period of rapid, creative pivots and changing business models, many retail companies are left with open-ended questions in unchartered waters. Whether you are looking for a franchise tax expert, retail accounting services or e-commerce auditors, our business advisors can assist. Withum’s Retail Services team members are tested, skilled professionals with deep industry expertise to keep you compliant, offer tax-saving strategies and deliver integrated business technologies.

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Retail Accounting and Advisory Service

Retail Accounting Services

Retail Industry Challenges and Trends

E-commerce Boom

Consumers now purchase most of their grocery, apparel and take-out purchases online. However, for retailers, this presented a challenge between employee shortages and increases in product demands. As a forward-thinking, technology-driven firm, Withum’s Retail Services Team is experts in digital transactions.


Retail online sales make companies more vulnerable to cyberattacks. Retailers are vulnerable to threats on their computers and Point of Sale Systems (POS), making it crucial to have security measures that prevent detrimental breaches. Let Withum’s advisors guide you through protecting your company, employee and customer data.

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The retail experience is constantly evolving with cashier-less stores, autonomous delivery systems and contactless point of sale systems. As brick and mortar shops compete with online storefronts, it is important to remain up to date with the latest technology advancements for the best customer experience. Withum provides proactive solutions to help retail businesses remain ahead of their competition.

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