A video series focused on the everchanging world of E-Commerce.

E-Commerce Practice Co-Lead, Lonnie Bloom explores the everchanging world of E-Commerce through the lens of various Founders and C-Level Executives. These engaging and insightful interviews not only give you an inside look at some of the most innovative companies in the industry but also shed light on the different strategies and tactics they utilize.

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Captain of the Ship: Mastering Shipping Logistics With ShipPlug’s Nick DiNatale

In this interview, Withum Partner and E-Commerce Practice Co-Leader, Lonnie Bloom, and ShipPlug Founder & CEO, Nick DiNatale, discuss challenges with third-party carriers, negotiating better shipping rates, understanding shipping costs and ShipPlug’s expertise in recovering losses from damaged goods and late shipments. The two also delve into optimizing supply chain for cost savings as well as some other ways E-Commerce businesses can cut costs.

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Nourishing Insights: A Discussion With Sharebite’s Dilip Rao

Withum Partner Lonnie Bloom and Sharebite’s Co-Founder & CEO, Dilip Rao, discuss Sharebite’s meal benefits platform for companies and the broader FoodTech ecosystem. They address the challenges of market entry, the impact of technology on logistics, and potential disruptions in the industry.

Dilip also discusses Sharebite’s relationship with its customers including corporations and restaurants, his thoughts on the Future of Work and the company’s long-term vision when it comes to their mission of helping those in need and combating food insecurity.

E-Commerce Operational Essentials With Turbine’s Emilie Schario

Lonnie Bloom, chats with Turbine CEO and Founder, Emilie Schario, on the inception of Turbine, touching upon topics such as the three-way match and the order-to-cash process. Lonnie and Emilie also explore optimal timing for implementing workflow management solutions and offer recommendations for E-Commerce executives grappling with inventory procurement and forecasting supply and demand.

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