Ensuring that women have the tools and technology they need to live a healthy life and thrive is what Women’s Health & Wellness Technology companies do. The use and sophistication of technology have rapidly increased over the past few decades, and FemTech companies have utilized these advancements to support and enhance the overall quality of life for women. The innovations created by these companies are transforming the way we think about women’s health and wellness.

Technology has the power to change lives, from the way we interact with the world to how we provide for ourselves. The growth and increase in funding in the Women’s Health & Wellness industry promise new solutions for women, from health to education and more. We proudly work with some of the brightest companies pioneering these advancements to ensure they have the support they need for their vision to succeed. Whether it is tax, accounting or advisory services, Withum is here to help femtech companies navigate the complexities and ease the burden of running a business.

Who We Help

Some of the tech companies we work with include, but are not limited to:

  • General health and wellness
  • Healthcare and diagnostics
  • Reproductive health
  • Pregnancy and family care
  • Mental health
  • Menopause care
  • Sexual health

Women’s Health & Wellness Accounting, Advisory and Tax Services

The women’s health technology and emerging growth sector has an exclusive nature that’s encompassed by many different types of businesses, from startups and beyond. Recognizing this, we tailor each of the services below to you and your business needs:

Accounting and Attestation

  • Preparation of Stock-based Compensation Calculations
  • Assistance with Technical Memos/Accounting Issues Required for Financial Statement Audits
  • Assistance with Revenue Recognition Standards
  • ASC 606, 842 Implementation and Related Documentation
  • Accounting for Warrants and Complex Equity Instruments
  • 401(k) Audits



Women's Health & Wellness Technology Challenges and Trends

Sales tax nexus analysis could have a significant impact on FemTech companies that sell products or services in multiple states. These companies may be required to register for and collect sales tax in states where they have established nexus, which could increase their administrative burden and potentially reduce their profit margins making it increasingly important to work with advisor who understands sales tax.

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Women’s Health & Wellness companies often collect and store sensitive personal and health-related data, making them a prime target for cyber-attacks. A data breach can result in legal and financial liabilities, damage to the company’s reputation, and loss of customer trust. As such, ensuring strong cybersecurity measures and data protection protocols is crucial for women’s health tech companies to maintain compliance, shield their customers’ privacy, and safeguard their business operations.

Learn more about Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Inventory management can have a significant impact on the success of Women’s Health &
Wellness companies. Effective inventory management helps these companies ensure they have enough stock on hand to meet customer demand while minimizing the cost of excess inventory. Inaccurate inventory tracking or mismanagement can lead to stockouts, delays in fulfilling customer orders, and increased expenses, which can harm the company’s bottom line and reputation.

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Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) can have a significant impact on FemTech companies by providing investors with a tax incentive to invest in their business. Under current law, investors can exclude up to 100% of the capital gains from the sale of QSBS held for more than five years, which can make investing in Women’s Health & Wellness Technology companies more attractive. This tax incentive can help FemTech companies access funding and potentially grow and scale business. Withum’s team is well-versed in QSBS requirements and can assist your business with understanding eligibility and its needs.

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Eliminate disparate systems and Excel worksheets with a unified suite of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools built to handle all core business processes. Get improved visibility into almost every area of your organization to more easily be able to recognize opportunities for improved productivity, increased efficiency, cost-reduction and accountability. Withum is fully equipped to upgrade your system and provide your FemTech company with unique services to help you take full advantage of your software solution.

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Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are prevalent in the technology industry and can help your business achieve its ultimate goal. Proper advisors can help ensure that your company receives an accurate valuation and that any potential risks or contingencies are properly accounted for. We have the ability to help your women’s health tech company understand the tax implications of the transaction and ensure compliance with relevant accounting standards.

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Building a Brighter Future with Women’s Health &

We believe that technology has the power to change lives, from the way we interact with the world to how we provide for ourselves. The growth in the FemTech industry promises new solutions for women from health to education and more. We proudly work with some of the brightest, groundbreaking companies pioneering these advancements to ensure they have the support they need for their vision to succeed.

Client Testimonials

Meagan Rosson, CFO | Tula, Inc

Withum has supported me and my team on US taxes, certain technical accounting topics, and they were our auditors for over 4 years. They are incredibly reliable and clearly experts in their respective fields. My Company was acquired in the last year and Withum was one of our go-to partners throughout that process and did a great job. They've truly been a fantastic partner for me and my team.


Zsia Rosmarin


Whippany, NJ

Samantha Greenbaum


New York, NY

Victoria Iezzi


New York, NY

Kaitlin Chefalas

New York, NY