Whether being part of a risk management plan, assessing quality, evaluating functions and processes or bringing innovative solutions that drive value to an organization an effective internal audit function makes significant contributions to any organization.

For any size business, we design appropriate internal audit functions – from conducting a comprehensive risk assessment across your organization, to reporting findings to management and the board. We not only identify and report issues, but we work with management to implement solutions and put the appropriate controls in place.

Withum can work with your organization to understand your business strategy and its associated drivers, and how that strategy is delivered through an appropriate operational business plan and process framework.

Whether sourcing in-house, co-sourced, or full outsourced model, Withum uses methodologies to help your organization improve or establish an internal audit function.

Our range of services includes:

  • Perform/assist with the risk assessment process
  • Designing strategic plans for internal audit
  • Execute internal audit programs including process documentation of narratives, flowcharts and risk control matrices
  • Performing quality assurance reviews of your existing audit programs


Marc Silverman


Whippany, NJ