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Digital Currency and Blockchain Technology Industry Challenges

Navigating the tax implications of your digital assets can be confusing. Our team of experts can help provide solutions to ease your burden and understand your tax liability while also maximizing your tax benefits.

Our Tax Solutions

Working through the financial statement preparation process can be time-consuming, whether it is an audit, review, or compilation. We work efficiently to deliver results in a timely manner while also making sure we utilize your time as effectively as possible.

Our Financial Statement Preparation Solutions

From outsourced accounting functions and CFO consulting to ASC 606 implementation consultations, our team works alongside of you to ensure your accounting needs are being met and are fully compliant with current industry standards.

Our Advisory Support Solutions

As experienced professionals, we have a wealth of knowledge when working with ICOs and token sales to ensure you are fully compliant in the current regulatory environment.

In order for a stablecoin to gain market adoption, it is critical to gain the trust of users. Having a recurring attestation report completed on your stablecoin to ensure that is it properly reserved is critical in today’s environment.

Crypto and blockchain have been and will continue to redefine asset and financial structures while establishing new functions and value accretion – all of which are powering innovation on the fund investment front.

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Digital Currency and Blockchain Industry Involvement

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Digital Currency and Blockchain Technology Accounting, Advisory and Tax Services

Accounting and Attestation

  • Audited Financial Statements
  • Stable coin Examinations
  • Tax provision preparation support
  • ASC 606 implementation consultations including Gross vs. Net Analysis
  • ASC 842 implementation consultations
  • Navigating the cap table (i.e. Carta) and stock-based or token-based compensation reporting
  • Complex debt and equity accounting (token warrants, SAFE notes, SAFTs etc.)



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