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Mark is an auditing professional specializing in the technology and emerging growth industry with client concentrations in digital asset and blockchain technology. He has over 8 years of providing accounting, auditing, and business advisory services to digital asset and blockchain technology companies. and

Mark serves as Withum’s Team Leader of the Digital Asset and Blockchain Technology sector and is the host of Withum’s Cryptonomix podcast series as well as author of numerous articles and frequent presenter at workshops and seminars on digital assets and blockchain technology.

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gina abrams trust machines
Gina Abrams, Chief of Staff at Trust Machines

In this episode, Mark Eckerle and Gina Abrams, Chief of Staff at Trust Machines, discuss the future of Bitcoin, the benefits of building applications on the Bitcoin network over other networks and some exciting products and projects the company is developing.

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mackenzie patel, figment
Mackenzie Patel, Senior Revenue Accountant at Figment

In this episode, Mark Eckerle and Mackenzie Patel, Senior Revenue Account at Figment, discuss the staking offerings of Figment and the variety of its core customer base. The two discuss the differences between PoS and PoW and the ETH merge.

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joey ryan, trustswap
Joey Ryan, CFO of TrustSwap

In this episode, Mark Eckerle and Joey Ryan, CFO of TrustSwap, discuss the Company’s various product lines and service offerings. They also examine the state of centralized exchanges, tokenomics of vesting schedules, exciting potential products and Swappable, TrustSwap’s NFT service line.

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