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corporate value consulting

Valuation, Economic and Industry Intelligence (VEI)

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Withum’s Valuation, Economic and Industry Intelligence (VEI) team provides valuation services, economic analysis and industry and company research to our clients. Our team works closely together in order to ensure that we provide a quality product that meets your specific needs.


Valuation Services

Our more common valuation services include those needed in the following areas:

Business Disputes

Whether the issue is dissension or oppression, Withum has the wherewithal to provide the required valuation services.

Marital Dissolution

The valuation of business interests in the matrimonial setting are replete with nuances that make the valuation process critical to resolution of the matter.  Our team is well versed in valuation methodology applications and the proper standards of value that help us to provide a quality product.

Estate and Gift Tax

Commonly, business interests are valued for purposes of gifting or selling shares as part of a larger estate plan. Withum is well-versed in valuations for these purposes.

Regulatory Tax Compliance

Certain industries require that valuations be performed that satisfy regulatory requirements, such as in the health care arena.  Further, many start-up companies issuing deferred compensation need their underlying common shares, preferred shares, options, and/or warrants valued to comply with IRC Section 409A.  Withum has the knowledge required to provide quality valuation services that meet regulatory requirements.

Financial Reporting

Fair value reporting standards and applications continue to evolve and are increasingly scrutinized by auditors, regulatory bodies, and shareholders.  Withum assists companies to satisfy fair value reporting requirements by providing Purchase Price Allocation (ASC 805), Goodwill Impairment Testing (ASC 350), Intangible Asset Impairment Testing (ASC 360), and Equity-Based Incentive Compensation (ASC 718) valuations.


Withum provides business valuations for financial institutions in circumstances where they are considering providing financing to a company for either restructuring or acquisition purposes. Under the Small Business Administration program, financial institutions are required under certain circumstances to obtain a business valuation of the business to be acquired.

Transaction Advisory

Withum provides business valuations for clients on both the buy and sells side of businesses and partial business interests to ensure the transaction is reasonably priced.

Economic and Industry Intelligence

Economic analysis is a broad term, encompassing many different things, and being used for different purposes.  Common examples of our economic analysis are as follows:

As part of a valuation: In order to properly value a business interest, consideration of both the national and local economies, the industry; as well as the expectations of both, must be considered. Withum is well able to perform these analyses.

As a stand-alone analysis

At times, we are requested to perform an analysis of a specific component of the economy or to provide an analysis of a specific industry. Through our vast resources, we are able to provide economic and industry research specific to the needs of our clients.

Background Information

Withum has the ability to obtain information about individuals and companies through the utilization of various highly reputable public record databases, which is often utilized by clients when making impactful decisions.

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