Ready for the next step in your digital transformation journey toward becoming a data-driven organization? More than just buzzwords, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are the key to moving away from backward-looking descriptive analytics to forward-looking predictive and prescriptive analytics. Put your data to work by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

We approach artificial intelligence and machine learning by using your company’s big data analytics to build customized models or leverage ready-to-use artificial intelligence services from companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Use Cases and Applications

AI and machine learning is improving every day, and the more it advances the more we’re able to do with it.

Some of the most common use cases for machine learning and artificial intelligence are:

Working With Text:

  • Extract key information from documents
  • Sort Documents into categories on their content
  • Identify topics and themes in a set of documents
  • Score text for sentiment

Working With Images:

  • Identify objects in an image
  • Categorize images by their content
  • Identify the number of people in an image

Designing Chatbots for Q&A:

  • Deploy customized chatbots based on your data and analytics

Aiding Marketing & Sales:

  • Group audience into market segments based on their attributes and behavior
  • Score leadsand identify likely customers
  • Forecast sales and identify trends

Identifying Fraud & Outliers:

  • Predict likely fraud before it happens
  • Identify points (outliers) that don’t fit the rest of your data

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