The right tools for where you are in your data estate modernization journey.

Typical small to mid-size organizations experience evolution with their tech stacks as they grow. Eventually, they start to compile information in a general ledger system, a CRM, or a front-office system and then expand into whatever is pressing, such as HRIS or larger ERP systems. This becomes a lot of data in a lot of separate systems!

Data is becoming a critical asset, one whose potential is not often unlocked. This is because you are spending time on these manual, time-consuming tasks and are likely asking yourself the below questions:

  • Exporting
  • Preparing
  • Importing into templates
  • Auditing
  • Validating
  • When is there time touseyour data to make insightful decisions?
  • Which workflows are impacted by a lack of data estate modernization and automation?
  • What happens when we add another system?
  • How can we answer x questions faster/more frequently/ad-hoc?

These common challenges often lead organizations to seek out data and analytics modernization efforts.

Our team can customize your solution with Microsoft Azure Analytics Services

This is where Azure data analytics can really shine. Our data experts can assess your needs. We recommend the best stack of technologies to facilitate the optimal results you want for your data and insights.

We take an agile approach with transparent deliverables to fit the custom needs of your team. As with all our digital transformation projects, we find that following a consistent framework allows us to deliver the highest quality solution.

Storage and Architecture

Our cloud data solutions allow for a range of options whether your systems are on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid. There are options for any type of data you might be working with:

  • Structured data
  • Unstructured data
  • Images
  • Files

Your data might be locked up and only viewable within various systems or in specific formats that are not relevant to your needs. We will find the right storage and architecture for you!

Data Pipelines

Moving your data from the sources to the Azure cloud is a critical component of the typical data solution. This can be for streaming, transactional, batch data, or anything that fits your business.

With the array of services available in the Azure data stack, the data flows can be customized for the specific uses that are most relevant to you:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Advanced analytics (AI and Machine Learning for predictive models)
  • Business process automation
  • Productivity applications
  • Financial reporting

Data Analytics

Compile and analyze unstructered data

Unstructured data sets, such as health care records or audio files, are notoriously difficult to aggregate and analyze. Azure analytics empowers you to do just that, by warehousing data in an environment that supports simple querying.

Only pay for what you use

Provisioning resources is a click away. When you need to scale up, you can do so immediately. When traffic diminishes, drop unused resources. This “pay for what you use” model reduces IT’s total cost of ownership (TCO).

Scale up or down rapidly

The cloud-based nature of Azure enables your applications to scale up or down quickly, without risk of downtime or slowed performance.

Real-time analytics

Azure enables autonomous and constant data syncing, meaning you always have fresh analytics at your disposal to make the tough decisions easier.

Withum’s Azure Analytics Services

Withum has been designing, developing, implementing, and customizing technology for information sharing since 2002. More recently, our capabilities have expanded to include enterprise-level analytics consulting through Azure.

As a member of Microsoft’s invite-only Power BI Red Carpet Program, we can assure you that only the best data scientists will be at your service.

Custom solutions for specialized needs: Sometimes turnkey isn’t enough. Why force a round peg in a square hole? If you have specialized data challenges and needs, our team of data scientists can design, develop and support a custom solution.

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