Utilizing Dashboards for Data Analysis

If you’ve modernized your data-driven solutions on the backend and are still struggling to turn all your data into digestible reports that provide actionable insight, then our big data analytics consulting can help. We work with organizations to leverage tools like Microsoft Power BI, in order to visualize meaningful data and provide value in making strategic business decisions. Microsoft Power BI data dashboards and reports provide a beautiful and on-brand framework for anyone to use; from c-level executives to the mail clerk. Various levels of stakeholders can find value in a single data dashboard report that visualizes the high-end metrics executives need to see, while simultaneously drilling down into more granular details for the various departments in an organization.

As data analytics consultants, we at Withum favor using Microsoft Power BI to create stunning data visualizations. Power BI has multiple ways of providing up-to-date reporting of data so that you and your organization can stay current on important metrics and insights. However, we are well-versed in working with a variety of data analytics and business intelligence reporting software. We have expertise in manipulating a wide range of data sources; from excel spreadsheets to SQL servers, to machine learning and artificial intelligence options.

How to Make Decisions Using Big Data Analytics

Do you need insights into your data fast? Beyond the custom reports designed by Withum’s data analytics consultants, Power BI has a capability called Quick Insights that allows you to glean metrics from your data repository using out-of-the box functionality — saving you time and investment. Microsoft developed Quick Insights to quickly analyze big data analytics, and it uses sophisticated algorithms to discover potentially interesting and impactful insights from the information you collect. For example, Quick Insights can find and align category outliers to seasonality in time series data. So, if you’ve been collecting data and are stuck on how to use it best, connect with one of our data analytics consultants. With the help of Power BI and other business intelligence software, our experts can make highly useful yet visually pleasing reports for all levels of your organization.

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