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Retail Automotive Services

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Drive Toward Success

Empowering the modern-day dealership through industry shifts. Withum helps auto and powersports dealerships stay competitive and profitable in today's market so they can drive toward success.

Dealerships have changed through the decades in response to shifting consumer preferences, evolving technology and concern over environmental impacts. The challenges you face in remaining competitive and profitable while maintaining financial and regulatory compliance is a constant balancing act. Longevity within your dealership starts from within and is sustained with the help of those who have traveled down the same roads you have. Withum’s Automotive Services Team is built with automotive accountants and consultants who started working in retail automotive. Backed by decades of experience, our team offers auto dealerships the industry knowledge, financial expertise and business acumen to support you in the drive toward your goals.

Automotive Dealership Challenges and Trends

Consumer PreferencesOmnichannel Sales Experience

Consumer trends and desires shift quickly and often, which can impact your bottom line negatively if you’re not prepared. Younger demographics are forcing consumer-based businesses to engage with their buyers in new ways.


Employee Retention and Education

Turnover is expensive. In addition to keeping employees engaged and offering work-life balance, proper training and education helps retain high-performing talent. Access video training on-site at your convenience to learn how to save you and your dealership money, time and aggravation.

Our Solutions

government regulationsIntegrated Fixed Operations

Innovative small businesses are enhancing the value of consumer goods. Whether operating on their own or catching the eye of larger corporations for acquisition, the investment opportunities are increasing for consumer products companies.


Economic ShiftsNavigating the New Normal at Your Dealership

The economy brings in a realm of uncertainty and unpredictability. Businesses are subjected to product volatility, international competition and trade rules, forcing companies to evaluate their supply-chain management.

Our Solutions

Retail Automotive Accounting and Advisory Services

Offering the retail automotive industry dependable solutions fastened with trusted guidance. We fill your needs with car sales accounting, car dealership revenue recognition and internal audits as well as automotive accounting consulting.

Retail Automotive Accounting Services

Retail Automotive Advisory Services

  • Dealership Valuation
  • Due Diligence: Sales, Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Litigation Support/Expert Witness Consultation
  • Succession and Estate Planning
  • Fixed Operation Overviews
  • Warranty Processing Controls
  • Warranty Parts and Labor Optimization
  • LIFO Services
  • Parts Inventory Controls

Women in Automotive


Proud of where we came from. Proud of where we’re going. Proud to support the #WomenInAutomotive. With experience working in different roles within the dealership, all of the roads have crossed and met here at Withum. As we continue to contribute to the auto industry, we hope to cross paths with you on your journey, too. Hear three stories from our #WomenInAutomotive team members, on how their journeys have positioned them to help put dealerships on the road to success.


Withum's Automotive Services Team is an active member of national and local centers of influence.

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