Per Diem Office Support

Provided for short term replacement of personnel in key areas. This covers short term absences, maternity leaves, etc. which can be covered seamlessly in most DMS systems.

Business Succession Planning

Planning for the future requires several actions to be taken in advance. You need to identify the successor, value the business and consider any tax consequences.

Acquisition Assistance

Acquiring a new car franchise requires interaction with several parties. This requires a review and an understanding of dealership financials and personal information. We can assist with proformas, manufacturer applications and financial requests.

Forensic and Litigation Support

There are complex financial issues that exist in business disputes and legal matters. Our analyses present the client’s financial positions with credibility and reliability through comprehensive investigative techniques. We specialize in providing litigation support, forensic accounting, damage assessments, expert witness testimony, settlement negotiations and arbitration, mediation and valuation opinions for our clients.

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