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Fragmented business systems, siloed data and manual processes stifle growth. To ensure your organization’s foundation enables flexibility, agility and visibility – you need to start with a technology roadmap. Cloud computing is the accepted business architecture of today and tomorrow, allowing you to focus on innovation rather than the burden of maintaining hardware and software. Today’s technology users look drastically different than they did ten years ago. “Mobile everything” is a key mantra in the new normal.

This market shift has led to system vendors “taking it to the cloud”, developing on-the-go capabilities. Mapping your company’s business processes and data flows is a critical step in formulating the Technology Roadmap Foundation! The selection team must gather the opinions of end-users to ensure that new software decisions will be well-accepted by your employees and will fit the needs of the business.

What is the Technology Roadmap?

While embarking on an IT Modernization journey, Withum establishes a Current State of technology and gains alignment on the Future State. Once the information is compiled, Withum utilizes that information to present a Technology Roadmap that will include:

  • Solution options and recommendations for key gaps (Current State vs. Future State) and pain points;
  • Key action items for immediate, medium and longer term days based on your company’s bandwidth and tolerance for change;
  • Sequence of deployment activities in a methodical phased approach tailored to your company;
  • Time / Effort / Cost estimates for the solution options and deployment activities.

The Technology Roadmap is tailored to your business to increase productivity and efficiency utilizing a phased approach. Withum conducts workshops to review and develop a successful procurement strategy with your team based on the information collected and business criteria. In addition, Withum also helps to identify opportunities to improve and streamline core business processes in the future, as your IT modernizes.

Why Should You Embark on an IT Modernization Technology Roadmap?

The systems landscape continues to evolve with vendors attempting to meet the needs of the modern user. The next five to ten years will look very different as new and exciting technology is released to the marketplace. Essential to the modernization process is an effective Technology Roadmap that aligns the needs of the team with software functionality that will optimize organizational change. The modernization of systems is a signal that the market is shifting, however it is clear that the latest technology is not necessarily the right technology for your company. It is key to understand that embarking on this new endeavor is a multi-phased journey that will impact your people, process, technology and data.  Scoping the entire project and implementing in multiple phases through a Technology Roadmap could significantly mitigate risks, as selecting the right technology partner becomes critical for your success.


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