Innovation, Strategy and Operations Consulting

Amidst the vast differences between each and every industry, one constant remains true — the business landscape is continuously changing. Through our innovation, strategy and operations consulting, we help your organization stay competitive, evolve with its industry, and avoid becoming both stagnant and obsolete.

Whatever your current pain point, our strategic consultants work to design creative, out-of-the-box solutions customized to fit your company. Through discovery and planning, we determine the root cause of the business problems you’re facing, and, if needed, have the infrastructure in place to develop and implement the solutions we put together

operational transformation

Our Strategic Consulting Services

At Withum, we bucket our strategy and operations consulting into four general categories. Some organizational issues are localized within one area, but often-times developing the best solution to a problem involves exploring elements within each strategic consulting service lines.

Operational Transformation

Staying nimble in the face of change is a key component to sustainable growth. Being able to adapt to the digitally evolving world is critical, and our operations consulting services provide the guidance you need to stay competitive against both old and new players. We dig deep to help you determine what’s holding your business back and create a roadmap to a prosperous future.

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Innovation Strategy Consulting

Our innovation consulting services typically involve brainstorming and focus group sessions that uncover the underlying issues and roadblocks surrounding business problems. Our sessions work to start important dialogues around difficult, overwhelming, or ambiguous situations, processes, and decisions. Using the results of these conversations, we build you a path forward – creating scalable, long-term, practical strategies that align with your vision and core values.

Risk & Controls Assessment

Risk and controls assessments are a part of operations consulting. They serve two primary functions; uncovering opportunities, and determining various security and compliance gaps within processes and operations. Our method includes developing risk analyses for individual departments and divisions, or launching an in-depth investigation of an entire organization. By understanding your level of risk, you can mitigate potential problems, and keep your business on a path of productivity and success.

Learn more about the importance of understanding your risk. Check out our articles on Using Risk to Your Advantageand Embracing Risk in Strategic Planning.

User Adoption

What if you spent tens of thousands of dollars on a technical or operational overhaul, and employees just aren’t using the new tools and solutions available? Unfortunately, this scenario is far too common and the consequences are devastating to performance.This branch of strategy and operations consulting works to tackle the problem of user adoption —  while avoiding the disruption of day to day activities. Our change management plans cover anything from the adoption of new systems and technologies to organizational process shifts, and even personnel changes.

Strategy and Operations Consulting at Withum

Our strategic consulting services help companies develop creative, scalable, long-term strategies for growth and success. Through an in-depth analysis of organizational processes, we shed light on potential problems and opportunities your business is facing.

At Withum, we take a value-based approach to our operation and innovation strategy consulting. With every partnerships we enter into, we take a detailed look at elements like cost vs. benefit analyses, client impact, IT infrastructure, and workplace synergy before making any recommendations. The results are custom-built solutions designed to tackle your unique business challenges.

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