What is Microsoft Yammer?

Microsoft Yammer enterprise is a private social network that helps businesses and organizations collaborate easier, make decisions faster, and self-organize into teams. It unifies people and conversations, as well as content and data into a single location. Yammer for businesses makes it easy to connect and collaborate with coworkers anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Yammer can be accessed through a web browser or mobile device, and integrates seamlessly with other systems, like SharePoint. Yammer is fully incorporated in the Office 365 suite, connecting all of your business applications into a single social experience.

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With the Yammer enterprise, it’s all about staying connected. It’s not often that we think about a business being a social network, but that’s exactly what it is — and Yammer helps that network function optimally. The key benefits of deploying Yammer are:

Knowledge Sharing Capabilities

Yammer enterprise allows you to create groups and participate in a virtual workstation with anyone in your organization, regardless of location. This brings together globally dispersed organizations that rely on international collaboration. The Yammer workspace is a flexible, central hub for file-sharing, brainstorming, updating, and any other form of business communication. With Yammer’s search feature, employees can get assistance in sifting through conversations and files, and it can even be set-up to deliver personalized search results based on previous company interactions. With Yammer’s Discovery feed, employees can easily stay up to date on company-wide news and announcements.

Collaborate with External Users

Yammer isn’t just for internal communication with employees who work from home or are on the go— it’s designed for external collaboration as well. Vendors and partners, as well as clients and customers can be added into groups. Whether your goal is to create specific external networks, or to integrate external communications internally, Yammer provides your business with the capabilities to foster the types of relationships needed to function smoothly.

Easy & Secure Administration

Yammer for business makes network administration easier than ever before. It gives organizations the capability to be centrally managed, both easily and securely. It offers simplicity for network administrators by providing them with automatic upgrades, scalability, and easy onboarding. Yammer is backed by Microsoft’s leading security measures and compliance expertise, and with its customizable security features Yammer makes it easy for administrators to manage passwords, restrict IP addresses, and supervise activities the way your business requires.

If you’re considering Yammer as a new source of office communication and collaboration, our experienced Yammer consultants can help you throughout the process. We’ll help you identify and evaluate your communication requirements and decide if Yammer is an effective solution. If you choose to utilize Yammer as your new business communication tool, we’ll ensure your Yammer integration is quick and painless — without disrupting your existing communication system. With customized set-up and installation, we create professional social networks tailored to work in perfect tandem with your organization’s current operations.

At Withum, we understand enterprise social networking as a steady stream of questions, comments, and solutions applied to a professional purpose — goals, directives, projects, and more. Yammer allows employees to easily tap into the expertise of their co-workers and partners, resulting in rapid problem solving as well as increased efficiency and productivity.