Microsoft SharePoint Online Migration & Deployment

SharePoint Online is the cloud-based iteration of Microsoft’s classic business collaboration platform, SharePoint. SharePoint Online comes complete with access to all the functionality of SharePoint without the cumbersome overhead of purchasing and maintaining the infrastructure. With its easy, low-cost implementation, and no IT expertise or servers needed, migrating to SharePoint Online is the ideal choice for businesses looking for a powerful communication and file-sharing tool.

With multiple financing options, SharePoint Online can be purchased as a stand alone service, or bundled with Office 365.

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Looking to migrate to SharePoint Online?

Improving productivity and facilitating employee cooperation are a must, but with the variety of software solutions offered, it can be difficult to determine which one best suits the needs of your business. When considering an upgrade to SharePoint Online, some of the primary benefits include:

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Whether your employees work remotely or in the office they’ll have continual, secure access to all the resources they need. Without compromising the security of your data, your organization’s information can be easily accessed from a desktop, smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. The new SharePoint app increases the accessibility and functionality of SharePoint on mobile devices.

Constant Collaboration & Scalability

SharePoint Online functions as a productivity-boosting tool, encouraging employee collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and workflow creation. Built-in dashboards allow you to see what’s happening on a team or project level, at a glance. With SharePoint Online customization, it can be designed to seamlessly integrate all your shared content.

As your organization grows, so can SharePoint Online. Its scalable technology adjusts as your business needs change.

Free, Automatic Updates

Don’t sacrifice on productivity. Moving to SharePoint Online eliminates the need to postpone upgrades due to cost. It comes complete with free, automatic updates from Microsoft, that include best-in-class security patches to adhere to compliance requirements. Disaster protection is also included through redundant data backups.

Getting Started: Setting Up SharePoint Online

If you’re considering an upgrade and migration to SharePoint Online, Withum has decades of experience in helping organizations find the collaboration solution most suited to fit their business needs. SharePoint Online is a massive, feature-rich platform with vast capabilities, and we can help you understand whether SharePoint is able to solve your particular problems out of the box, or if you’re going to need to augment the platform with customization. We assist in all aspects of migrating to SharePoint Online, from advisory, planning and roadmap, to implementation, customization, and training.

At Withum, we understand the time and financial commitment it can take to upgrade business functions to a new platform. Through our expertise in SharePoint Online customization, we work directly with your team to make sure your SharePoint solution meets the fits of your business perfectly.

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For more information or to discuss your business needs, please connect with a member of our team.