Expert Guidance for Developing Your Digital Workplace on Office 365 or SharePoint

We understand the challenges your organization faces in planning a major technology project. If you’re considering a new or improved knowledge portal or collaborative workspace, our Office 365 and SharePoint consultants provide the expert guidance you need to develop a sound technology strategy that is right for you.

Here are four ways that we help you plan successful technology initiatives:

  • Assessment & Planning
  • Office 365/SharePoint Strategy & Roadmap
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Migrations & Upgrades

Assessment and Planning

Not sure where to get started? We begin by assessing your current business and technical environments and help plan the next steps to get you on your way. The initial phase in ourClient-First Implementation Methodologyfocuses on framing the overall vision and direction.

Through research, analysis and discussions with specific stakeholder groups, we work with you to assess and confirm your organization’s needs and objectives, define and document the high-level system architecture, and prepare a roadmap for implementation. While this first step is critical for any implementation, we also offer it as a standalone service to help your organization prioritize, plan and prepare for a subsequent design and implementation effort.

Office 365/SharePoint Strategy and Roadmap

Whether you’re planning a corporate intranet, extranet portal or a public website, the design and implementation needs to align with your business objectives and end-user expectations. We combine experience with implementing complex SharePoint solutions and user-centered design to develop an appropriate SharePoint strategy. By aligning site structure, features, user audiences and metrics, we ensure that your technology solutions deliver measurable value.

Business Process Improvement

Part of developing an effective technology strategy is to assess current business processes and identify opportunities to improve them. With workflows, for example, we offer guidance on modernizing and automating processes in the digital workplace. But we also help you develop strategies for improving the ways people collaborate and store, exchange and share information.

Migrations and Upgrades

Replacing an old content management system is a complex process that requires expertise and strategy. Whether you’re moving business information out of an inefficient file-share or upgrading from an earlier version of SharePoint to the latest, our refined methodology results in an effective SharePoint strategy that helps you get the greatest benefit from your digital workplace.

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