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The lodging industry is changing fast, and you can’t afford to be behind the curve on technology, trends and strategies. Staying current on the latest is essential for lodging businesses – but where do you begin and what can you do to keep your business competitive?

Stay tuned as we cover buzzworthy insights and tech innovations that will continue to affect the industry in 2024 and beyond.

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Episode 12: The Benefits of a Cost Segregation Study

Join Lena Combs and Martin Harski, Principal and Group Leader of the Cost Segregation team as they dive into an invaluable tax savings tool known as a cost segregation study. Learn how these studies are used to increase cash flow, accelerate depreciation deductions, and defer federal and state income taxes.

Episode 11: AI’s Rapidly Evolving Landscape and Its Ability to Impact the Hospitality Industry

Artificial intelligence is all the rage right now in business. In this episode, Lena Combsand Daniel Cohen-Dumani, Partner and Market Leader, Digital Workplace Solutions, discuss how AI has erupted onto the scene in many industries and how this advancement in technology can be applied in ways to benefit the hospitality industry.

Episode 10: Exploring the Value of Mergers and Acquisitions

In this episode, Lena Combs and Jeanette Jordan, Partner in Withum’s Transaction Advisory group, discuss the current hospitality M&A landscape and share their insights on best practices for due diligence and navigating the process to a successful deal.

Episode 9: Navigating Credit Card Processing and Cash Discount Programs

Join Lena Combs and guest Paul Errigo, CEO of Swiped Unlimited, as they share their knowledge on payment processors, including credit card processing and cash discount programs in the hospitality industry. Discover the strategies for managing credit card fees and how optimizing payment processing can benefit your bottom line.

Episode 8: Forensic Investigations and the Role of a Forensic Accountant

The ACFE Report to the Nations ranks hospitality among the top industries susceptible to fraudulent activities, with a median loss of $55,000 per case. Join Lena Combs and Nicole Lyons, Partner and Market Leader of Business Disputes and Economic Damages, as they dive into the world of forensic investigations and accounting in the hospitality and lodging sector.

Episode 7: The Importance of Cyber Insurance for Hospitality Businesses

Cyber attacks are a real threat to business, and the hospitality industry is no exception. Yet cyber insurance is often overlooked. Tune in as Lena Combs and Ed Keck, Partner and Market Leader of Cyber and Information Security Services, describe the importance of having cyber insurance to give you peace of mind and provide coverage against costly data breaches and ransomware.

Episode 6: Building a Culture of Innovation and Growth

In this episode, Lena Combs and Molly Goins-Cox, Chief Innovation Officer, cover ways to implement a culture of innovation and the importance of driving innovation strategy at a lodging business.

Listen in as Lena Combs and Daniel Cohen-Dumani, Partner and Market Leader of Digital and Technology Transformation, discuss the latest in process automation trends and how businesses can optimize key operations to increase efficiency.

Episode 4: Understanding the Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit

One of the most important decisions a business can make is how to manage and hire their employees. Lodging businesses that are looking to maximize their workforce should consider an available tax benefit called the Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit, or “WOTC” as it’s commonly known. In this episode, Lena Combs and Withum’s Stuart McCallum, Partner and Consumer Products Practice Leader review WOTC and discuss the benefits and impacts of this tax credit on lodging businesses.

Episode 3: Implementing an ESG Framework

Join Lena Combs and Withum’s Joe Holman, Principal and Practice Leader of ESG Services, as they cover ESG’s value for businesses and the importance of sustainability in hospitality.

Episode 2: Leveraging Data Visualization for Business Optimization

In this episode, Lena Combs and Withum’s Dale Tuttle, Partner and Leader of Digital and Technology Transformation, discuss the tools available such as PowerBI and how visualizing data can help you understand guest trends and identify opportunities for your business.

Episode 1: How the Cloud Is Transforming the Lodging Industry

Listen in as Lena Combs and Withum’s Dale Tuttle, Partner and Leader of Digital and Technology Transformation, deep dive into the cloud and the benefits of lodging companies migrating to cloud services.