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Nicole is a Partner within the Forensic and Valuation Services Team in the firm’s Princeton, NJ office and is the Market Leader of Business Disputes and Economic Damages. She is a licensed certified public accountant in the states of New Jersey and New York, a certified valuation analyst and certified in financial forensics. Nicole specializes in business disputes relating to commercial litigation matters whereby she has performed damage calculations, business valuations and forensic investigations into various businesses, including but not limited to those in the professional services, construction, real estate, manufacturing, and restaurant industries. She is also involved in the family law arena, whereby she performs business valuations of closely held companies, prepares cash flow, tax and complex tracing analyses, and analyzes marital lifestyle. Nicole also has experience in corporate investigations involving fraud, securities litigation and their corresponding class-action lawsuits.

As a result of the expertise she has demonstrated in her casework and her substantial marketing efforts, Nicole has developed a strong referral base of both commercial and matrimonial attorneys and has also been court-appointed on numerous occasions. She is a frequent lecturer for the Institute of Continuing Legal Education, the New Jersey State Bar, the AICPA and at various law firms on forensic accounting and business valuation. Nicole is a recognized expert throughout the states of New Jersey and New York in business valuations and financial forensics.

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