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Join Withum’s Multiemployer Benefits team as they take a deep dive into cyber and fraud issues surrounding benefit plans. Each episode will touch on best practices, stories, and guidance to help you remain compliant. Tune in monthly to hear the latest updates.

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Available Episodes

Episode 6: Navigating the DOL’s Cybersecurity Best Practices – Insights from the Trenches

Withum’s Cybersecurity Expert, Julie Tracy, is back for another insightful episode with host Aaron Slaughter. As we are over a year into navigating the DOL’s Cybersecurity Best Practices, Julie will share the lessons learned and trends she is seeing as it relates to cybersecurity in the Multiemployer space. It’s an episode you can’t afford to miss!

Episode 5: IT Modernization – What Are the Benefits for Multiemployer Plans?

Tune in as Withum’s Aaron Slaughter and Josh Stove, CRM and ERP Consulting Services team member,discuss the ins and outs of IT modernization. Josh explains the basics, benefits, estimated costs of modernizing systems, and more.

Episode 4: Payroll Audits – Everything You Need To Know

Why should you or your organization care about payroll audits? Withum’s Phil Viviritoand Aaron Slaughterexamine the world of payroll audits, payroll fraud, ways to protect yourself, and other valuable insights to ensure your payroll process is legally compliant.

Episode 3: Health Claims Fraud – It’s More Common Than You Think

Withum’s Aaron Slaughter and Linda Vincent from The Identity Advocate break down bizarre fraud attempts in the healthcare industry. From charging patients that weren’t seen to ordering additional tests that aren’t needed, Linda examines the different types of health claims fraud and what to look out for to protect you and your family.

Listen in as Withum’s Aaron Slaughter and Julie Tracy discuss the statistical rise in fraud worldwide and best practices for protecting yourself and your organization. With fraud schemes constantly evolving, stay up to date with the latest trends from cybersecurity expert Julie Tracy.

Episode 1: What’s Next for the DOL’s Cybersecurity Guidance?

Listen in as Aaron Slaughter and Dave Dorsey discuss the Department of Labor’s guidance for employee benefit plans and best practices for cybersecurity programs. Aaron and Dave will break down the policy and actionable items to improve the Plan’s cybersecurity program.