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Ashleigh Hall is based in Withum’s DC office with over a decade of experience of professional accounting experience and another decade of private business accounting and management experience. She services not-for-profit and membership associations of various sizes, specializing in financial, compliance and operational matters within the multiemployer benefit plan and labor union industries. She dedicates her time to these industries and has had the privilege of working and building relationships with some of the most well-known and successful organizations in this space.

She is a hands-on leader in servicing international, national and local unions and their Taft-Hartley employee benefit funds. She guides clients through critical decision-making processes involving risk management, compliance, operations, business and technology transformation and budget and forecasting, to name a few. She has a passion for building (e.g., organizations, department, strategy, processes, teams, etc.), innovating (e.g., process efficiency, technology, etc.) and collaborating (e.g., bringing people together to achieve a common objective).

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Outside of the office, Ashley can be found scuba diving, gardening, doing DIY projects and CrossFit.


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