As a support system for members of your community when they are facing the hardest of times, you require a trusted advisor to handle the affairs of your death care business as well. Death care companies must be careful to adhere to strict policies and regulations to stay compliant from many angles. Your business operations deserve the careful attention and care you offer your clientele.

Death care company owners must consider tax laws and implications that could help maximize financial benefits. As your business adapts, expands and potentially passes from one generation to the next, new leadership and modernized IT solutions must be implemented to sustain your legacy. Withum’s seasoned death care accounting and tax professionals are experts on laws and best practices in the industry. Whether you’re looking for assistance with funeral home accounting, cemetery accounting, funeral home valuations, death audit technology or general death care consulting, we’re here to help.

Your business faces an ever-growing number of government regulations that must be adhered to. There is a constant need to stay up-to-date on new developments and effectively shift business strategy when things change.
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Cemeteries have the unique option to classify themselves as either for-profit or not-for-profit. Make sure you understand the implications of each, and take the right steps if converting your business to maximize your tax benefits.
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Whether or not your funeral home will stay in the family upon your retirement, a strong succession plan must be in place. Your business needs to make important decisions with proper lead time to implement a plan for a smooth transition.
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Seeking new opportunities through partnering with other funeral homes, mortuaries, cemeteries and crematoriums can expand the reach of your business and help your company grow. Proper death care audits and valuations are key to a successful transaction.
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of the deceased are lucrative targets for cybercriminals. Your data must be kept securely in order to protect your clients and your business and to prevent crises that can lead to significant financial loss and legal action.
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Whether you’re seeking traditional accounting services or a trusted death care consultant for a wide range of needs, Withum’s Death Care Services Team is here to support you.

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